Private In-Home Retreat Experience

There are countless forces pulling you out of balance. These forces challenge your emotions, create dissonance between your heart and your mind. These forces pull you out of sync with nature causing physical distress, wearing down the support for your spiritual development. In this program we will work together to architect a strong foundation for you to thrive. This in-home experience includes the application of the following components to restore balance in your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Preparing simple organic foodsin home 1
  • Creating a nourishing detox
  • Yoga & movement
  • Daily practices from Ayurveda
  • Reconnecting to nature
  • Meditation
  • Connection to your spirit
  • Connection to the cosmos
  • Creating intentional living spacein home 2

These components will be tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. This immersive program is a transformational experience to create balance for yourself and your family.

 In-home Balance Experience. Choose your destiny.

Weekend retreat

 Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Work Week Immersive

Five days of conscious collaboration.

Begin your journey by filling out the form! Your soul will thank you!

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