Love is the bomb. 3 ways to love more through yoga.

We can all love a little more. And I am sure we can agree that our world could use it. With the challenges we face today in such a hyper-connected and distracted culture we need to practice these benevolent qualities to help give back. If we really want to thrive as a culture, we need […]

Flow State, Yoga and Surfing

A large part to finding optimal health is to come back to the fundamentals and understand our connection with nature. And if we align ourselves to nature and tap into the moments of life happening through us and around us we enhance the ability to enter states of consciousness know as flow states. These are […]

Yoga Nidra, a meditation for deep healing and profound relaxation.

Yoga Nidra enter through the doorway to the subconscious This practice has the potential to profoundly transform our perceptions, beliefs and our subconscious mind. From my experience, it’s the fastest way to understanding where we are coming from and how to shift gears to approach our lives in a different and more compassionate way. Think […]

“Sun is shining and the weather is sweet”

How do you know if you have and easeful or stressful orientation to life? Often its how we were brought up or through larger influences which set the tone for how we engage with life. But later we have the option to choose how we enter our day. So ask yourself a few questions. Is life […]

3 tips for the seasonal transition.

  It’s ┬áthat time of year again to take a step back and enjoy reflecting on the summer!   How often do you find yourself moving nonstop, leaving behind your basic needs for self care, self reflection and self nourishment? Its easy to forget how important it is to take break, not only from the […]

What Yoga May Show You About Yourself

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Its only been a couple years since I began teaching yoga but it feels like a lifetime away that I completed my initial training. I distinctively remember in my training the fear, doubt, lack of confidence and many other challenges which came […]

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