Hibernation. Should we? 

Today marks the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, the longest night and culmination of the Yin energy. There may be instinctual urges to go internal and reflect upon the year ending, where we are on our path and how we are living our lives. This nudge to go inside and reflect is […]

Yoga and music

Is there a reason for the music being played in a yoga class? Could the music be a tool for deeper states of awareness? Or for creating ecstatic states and a more compassionate connection to yourself.. There is definitely a connection between spiritual practices and music. It has been used for ages as a tool […]

A simple tip for Winter.

Even though it’s becoming colder outside doesn’t mean you can’t be warm and fuzzy inside. I have a very simple morning routine which a couple of the practices repeat throughout the day. And sure enough, it’s the simplest of them all that for me have been the most life changing! It helps warm up your […]

Relax, it’s Fall!

It’s that time of year when it’s ok to give yourself a break. Have you noticed any shifts in yourself? Or maybe new or different cravings? Even if your local weather doesn’t reflect the new season, break into eating warming and cozy food. Relax! Even if it’s just a week or two, take the time […]

A different Relationship to food. 

Paying attention to the food we eat can be a powerful way to accelerate our evolution. Obviously we know that vegetables are good for us, but there is a deeper relationship as to why this is true.  Energy, which is vibration make up everything in our lives. From our shoes to our thoughts, everything is […]

New Moon 

New moon With the sun moon and earth aligning, interesting things happen. If you notice or not, these energies influence our external and emotional states.  The lunar cycle can be perceived as a representation of the life itself. The ebb and flow signifying our highs and lows on our life’s journey. The fullness, bright in […]

Fall Equinox

With the season changing before you, use the heightened cosmic energy to go deep. Meditation and inner work/ awareness can give you the quantum leap your soul is waiting for.  An important part of your spiritual awakening is becoming attuned to your emotions, as well as how your emotions influence your response to situations.  During […]

What really matters?

Do you remember a moment when nothing seemed to matter? When all your thoughts and emotions dissolved into space within that moment. Maybe you were left with just a feeling. A sense of contentment, or maybe peace or joy. If you can remember a moment fitting this description maybe take a second and ask yourself, […]

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