Are you asking the right questions to cultivate a balanced life?

How much nourishment are you willing to receive? And how can that nourishment open your capacity to receive more? The more you are open to receive, the more you have to give and share. 

Healthy winter recipe for any meal

In Ayurveda, kitchari is a standard for detoxing and resetting the body. Eating a mono-diet of simply prepared and nourishing kitchari gives the body a break to unlock your natural energy and restore the digestive sysytem. The tasty spices in this dish not only create a satisfying meal but they help to restore balance to […]

Flow State, Yoga and Surfing

A large part to finding optimal health is to come back to the fundamentals and understand our connection with nature. And if we align ourselves to nature and tap into the moments of life happening through us and around us we enhance the ability to enter states of consciousness know as flow states. These are […]

What do your New Year Dreams look like and how do they make you feel?

What are your biggest dreams? I know its the season of festivities and holidays but it is also the time to reflect back on the past year. Taking note of the accomplishments along with the failures. Its through our failures where we can switch our view and re-enter with a fresh approach, new vision and orientation. […]

Yoga Nidra, a meditation for deep healing and profound relaxation.

Yoga Nidra enter through the doorway to the subconscious This practice has the potential to profoundly transform our perceptions, beliefs and our subconscious mind. From my experience, it’s the fastest way to understanding where we are coming from and how to shift gears to approach our lives in a different and more compassionate way. Think […]

Empowered Living, simple strategies to stay above the holiday overwhelm.

  There are many factors when it comes to living a balanced life, how well you sleep, how well you move, what you eat and your social engagements are among the top influences for creating balance and staying healthy. Luckily enough we have the choice to identify how we want to experience life and can […]

3 health benefits of drinking warm water.

window.addEventListener(‘LPLeadboxesReady’,function(){LPLeadboxes.addDelayedLeadbox(‘143948b73f72a2:13e972981946dc’,{delay:’10s’,views:0,dontShowFor:’0d’,domain:’higherselfwellness.lpusercontent.com’});}); Actions tend to create momentum in one of two directions, towards aligning ourself to a more easeful experience or towards disharmony. I can say at this time, for most of my life I was on the path of disharmony, with no clear goal to strive to, with no desired state of physical, mental, emotional […]

“Sun is shining and the weather is sweet”

How do you know if you have and easeful or stressful orientation to life? Often its how we were brought up or through larger influences which set the tone for how we engage with life. But later we have the option to choose how we enter our day. So ask yourself a few questions. Is life […]

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