Restore your precious energy. It’s easier than brushing your teeth.

That’s right, we are taught how to brush our teeth, stay clean, hopefully not be smelly, and all of the other hygiene practices, however it isn’t the norm to teach about energetic hygiene.

How to make kitchari in an instantpot. Recipe included!

“Beans and rice” is a staple amongst many traditions and cultures. This combination creates a complete meal that many of our ancestors thrived on throughout history. Each culture having their regional beans, their own unique way of preparation, and delicious way of turning a simple meal into a tasty and nourishing delight. Kitchari is the …

Don’t be a grinch. Follow these simple tips to stay in flow with your friends and family.

Do you get stressed out around the holidays? Does the thought of having to manage a difficult conversation have you on edge? Then these tips are for you! The holidays are typically filled with a plethora of very merry and extravagant gatherings and dinner parties. These events can are the perfect recipe for emotional breakdowns, …

The toxic world of overstimulation and the medication known as meditation.

This meditation is designed to recalibrate your senses, opening up your capacity to receive the day, experiencing the fullness of each moment and what it has to offer.

Why you need better sleep & an evening elixir recipe to help you catch some z’s

What would better quality sleep do for you long term? Not just hitting the snooze button and staying in bed, but getting the deep rejuvenating sleep you need. The type of sleep where you wake up before your alarm clock, feeling anew and ready to move through the day with a purpose. Even if that …

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