Habits for Vibrant Health

Habits for Vibrant Health


This is about understanding our bodies digestion through the lens of Ayurveda. It s such a fundamental process which when out of sync has the potential to cause many levels of dis-ease through our lives and on the opposite, when its working properly it has the potential to create a more easeful experience. From bloating, post eating abdominal pain, lethargy, constipation, mood swings, and all the other complications associated with slow bowels, digestion and ability to break down food is a massively impactful subject to master.

It was when I learned about the relation our digestion has to the rhythms of the rising and setting sun each day that the basics of this sister science to yoga started making sense. This is the first of a series of explanations and aha moments I’ve had since adopting ten fundamental habits from Ayurveda and began noticing the changes.

Agni to a degree is understood as the digestive fire in our belly, think of the burning hunger you feel when you haven’t had any food in some time that is the Agni. However Agni is not limited to that of digesting the physical food we eat but it also includes the assimilation of our daily experiences, emotions and cellular communication among others. So with this understanding there are very simple things to do which help build the strength of the digestive fire as are many which put out the fire keeping our digestion down and slow moving.

First is timing and frequency of stuffing our face and with the abundance of food in our culture we can see the rise of disease from not only poor food choices but also never giving our bodies a break. So back to the sun rising and setting and begin to get a sense of the midday sun shining its strong warmth upon you. This midday sunshine when its at its highest is also the time of day when our digestive fire peaks, and just as the sun does our Agni looses intensity as the day progresses. The basic idea behind this relationship is that of consuming the hardest to digest foods during the midday meal or lunch and having something light for diner so our body can enter deeper states of sleep.

Just as the ancient practices conclude, modern studies have shown humans having spikes in bile production which we use for breaking down and assimilating food and just as the traditions follow, the bile peaks around 1pm and then another less intense spike in the evening before levels fall during the night. This makes sense when we align the understanding of circadian rhythms to humans beings and reflect how in sync we are to the this natural cycle.

The most personally impactful discipline to this practice of eating a lighter diner and a more traditional supper is meal spacing and not to constantly snack between meal time. It sounds a bit strict but think of smothering a fire constantly throughout the day as you wonder why it is always struggling to catch back up. The same thing goes for our Agni in the belly, if we are snacking between meals we never give the digestive juices time to build up strength.

So how I would summarize this practice of meal spacing is to relate to the modern approach of intermittent fasting or as some of the science / bio-nerds ( myself included) would call it, cyclical ketosis. Its when our energy sources are cycling between fat and glucose where on one level we enter a much different perspective on life. This can happen dramatically when we are in the fat burning mode as we burn up the toxins we have accumulated through our daily life and store in the adipose tissue. Think of burning through this tissue as breaking old patterns, beliefs and ways of approaching our daily existence.

Remember to enjoy the new ideas you adopt in your life and that changing old patterns are not always easy but when we approach the situation as a child would with curiosity and take the small steps on a new path it lessens the pressure and deepens the reward.

Habits for Living part 2

Habits for Living part 2

How often do we change our routines? How often are we aware of our routines? The mundane tasks, thoughts and even complex movements we do without conscious awareness are scattered throughout the day. We may know on some level that everyday is a new day to create something new, but with old outdated habits and routines we become robotic and our personality becomes stagnant.

Think of brushing your teeth for example. Typically we mindlessly go through the routine we are so comfortable doing which can be very similar to our situational reactions and ways of describing our daily experiences. Someone politely asks, How are you doing? We may respond, I’m good, I’m tired or I’m stressed. But do these answers truly represent our current state of being? Maybe so, but many of these routine answers we use as a subconscious way of keeping us in a state of familiarity which can continue to shape our personal reality.

Now just imagine brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand or with your dominant hand but moving slowly in the opposite way you routinely move the brush around your mouth. By reviewing the simplest things we automatically say, think or do  without question, we get a sense of the subconscious operating system we have built over our lives. This operating system is represented in the brain and can be seen with the neurons creating distinct pathways. From this place we can identify whats holding us back and where we can put more of our energy.

Just as learning new languages, musical instruments or new styles of movement and dance are all great for rewiring the brain, choosing new ways of speaking and thinking  begin to reshape our personal reality and how we see and experience things. They have very beneficial outcomes and consequently the more we do something new, the more familiar it becomes and the stronger the connections become in the brain.

So I invite you to challenge your routines by consciously choosing the awkward way of doing things. We are so conditioned to take action in a specific way that we may even have withdrawal symptoms when we begin new ways of action, so take a deep breath and lean into the new. Trust yourself even if the new way does not seem right and remind yourself that the more you do it the more familiar it becomes redefining the new and potentially upgraded states of normal.

Habits for living part 1

Transending the transactional shit!


What is personal value or even self worth? I know that money doesn’t represent who we are, but on some level I believe it reflects the flow of a specific energy and frequency. Im not saying that each of us has a dollar amount which signifies our existence and living worth, but how much do we value our time and energy, and in exchange how does what we share that energy with reflect our values and interests.

If you think of how limitless the universe is in which our planet is circling our sun, or how we perceive those limits, then the same goes for all the pennies, dollars, nickels and digital numbers we create as a collective within the monetary and banking systems tying together the global civilization. I believe tapping into this seemingly limitless energy is possible when we are in tune with its specific frequency. This starts with the understanding and belief that we are enough and deserving of this collective energetic sharing of monetary value for service and goods.

This is where the road splits and where greed and corruption have an open door to come right in. In todays modern society we need at a minimum a basic flow of money to pay for the basic needs of living. So how worthy are we to be in this flow of abundant exchange? Can we be in this flow without giving it the control of our happiness? Without the attachment to the physical characteristics or material possessions we acquire. If we can be in the flow with the mindset of understanding how can I help rather than what can I get, will be the difference. It’s the shift from the vibration of scarcity to that of love and selfless action.

And in this abundant nature flowing through us we are given a stronger foundation to help those who need it. A stronger foundation to deepen the impact we have on these people. Sharing what we have to offer without holding back, and ultimately facilitating growth for ourselves and our community.


Attention part 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.42.53 PMBodily awareness is a key component to understanding longevity and adapting to the environment. If something is physically uncomfortable we will instinctually alter something to a degree which then makes it more comfortable. Take hunger for an example. Chemicals and hormones being manufactured by us to signal the need of specific nutrients, then we eat creating different chemical reactions supplying us with these needed nutrients which should leave us feeling satiated. But how about structural bodily awareness and understanding the major supporting structures making it easier to walk upright and tall?

Our bodies are complex machines with amazing capabilities as long as we pay attention to the fundamentals needed to support them. That being said, take a look at the structure of a healthy adult human spine. Through evolution, the spine has been perfected when it comes to supporting an upright position. That is to say, when we understand it’s biomechanics and what it needs to continue this much needed support. But how often do we find ourselves hunched over the desk, counter, computer, phone, steering wheel, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, dinner table, you get the point. We seem to easily forget how well our spine supports us when we support what its meant to do.

So how balanced is our posture we carry our self with through the day. Is there overcompensation at point A from a lack of integrity in point B? Similarly to our mind, our muscles and physics structure hold a template for our reoccurring movements and familiar positions. These patterns are imbedded throughout our entire physical existence and over time, they can degrade without proper training, upgrading and retraining the upgrade. How attentive are we to feeling or posture? How deeply do we feel the supporting structures of our skeleton and how could we make it easier?

A few simple tips,

  1. Take a walk looking up rather than down. Something more interesting may catch your interest along with a healthier spine.
  2. Take two minutes in the day to lift the arms over head and receive a few deep breaths.
  3. Three times per day, touch the ground then reach for the sky.


Blood Doesn’t Lie

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 6.43.25 AMDo you even take a multivitamin? Me? Negative, and heres why. After reading many articles, listening to conversations from scientists, doctors and many other humans knowledgable on the topic, I began the never ending journey down the rabbit hole of blood test. Its an interesting  topic because everyone must take in some form of food or nutrition. I choose my food strategically and by the looks of mine along side common lab analysis, that is still not enough. We are missing many of the key components for proper function and longevity.

Typically we acquire our nutrition through the food we eat. We know its healthy to eat fresh vegetables and fruits but is this even enough anymore? Heres part of the issue. With todays agricultural practices, the soil our vegetables are grown in is being depleted of nutrients. The industrialization of farming and the chemicals being used are killing the microbes which would naturally create soil much more diverse in nutrients. End result? Less nutritious food and undernourished humans walking around with a grocery list of health issues.

For the blood, its not about being the normal range. Even if the levels are in the “normal range”, its not optimal and we may still see symptoms of deficiencies. If its not optimal, there is room for growth. That room for growth will bring us closer to thriving and feeling our best.  Its about raising the bar and being in the optimal range for everything from micronutrients to hormones and every little thing in between. Which leads into the next point on supplements. Do they work? Yes and no. Most generic products are intentionally manufactured just strong enough to insignificantly influence micronutrient levels. So I have found that  sticking to specifics is key. A multivitamin may work for some people but not for me. Understanding what I need and don’t need is the difference of wasting money on supplements or recharging myself with key missing components.

With this understanding, I’ve made it a point to test my blood every six months on a broad range of panels. Yes its expensive, but you don’t know until you check. And Id rather spend my money on this than random multivitamins I pee out in the morning. The cool thing about it, is that you can track your own progress. Im not a fan of getting lost in self diagnosis from symptom searching as it is a sure way to stress yourself out and begin thinking you have list of dysfunctions which may or may not be true. This information is extremely valuable and gives way to the direction to follow for optimizing the whole experience we are given.

If we so choose to open the door of understanding our biology and how to make it a little easier, we see that its a constant work in progress. There is always room for improvement. And with this in mind we can check in, acknowledge and reflect on the baby steps taken each day.


Golden Milky Love 

Golden Milky Love 

Turmeric is undoubtedly a powerful superfood when it comes to the broad range of heath benefits on the body. From mental to physical performance, there are very few things it doesn’t help with on some level of our bodies operating system.
The point being, it’s good for you. However, what it is combined with may promote deeper absorption of the powerful compounds we are after in this root. The two biggest influences on this process is a quality fat and a compound from black pepper called piperine.
Traditional fat used is ghee, also known as clarified butter. The spices are toasted in the ghee to release aromas and lessen the bitterness from the turmeric. Other aromatic spices are added such as cardamom and cinnamon. Both of which aid in digestion and bring together a soothing blend for relaxing the whole body.
Golden milk recipe

First step make a turmeric paste.

* mix together 1/2 cup of turmeric powder, 1 cup of water

* Cool together over medium low heat for 10 minutes

* Add 1 1/2 tsp black pepper and 5 Tbs of coconut oil.

* Cook additional 1 minute then cool. Store it in the refrigerator.
Golden milk ingredients

Golden Milk Recipe


* 1/4 tsp turmeric paste

* 1 Tbs fat (ghee, Brain Octane oil or coconut oil)

* 1 cup milk of your choice

* 1/4 tsp cinnamon

* 1/4 tsp cardamom

* Your favorite local honey to taste


* On low heat toast the turmeric paste, cinnamon and cardamom in the ghee until very aromatic. About 2 minutes.

* Add the milk and stir until well combined

* When it’s warm it’s ready

* Add honey to taste and enjoy

Essential Toothpaste 

Essential Toothpaste 

Tooth paste these days are loaded with chemicals. These chemicals are controversial as far as their true toxicity, and the evidence seems to favor whichever side of the argument you support. So my suggestion, make your own! 

Essential oils can have a powerful effect on your oral health. They promote a good balance of healthy bacteria while preventing bad breath and other oral bacterial imbalances. 

It’s very easy, affordable and chances are you may have one or two of the ingredients already on hand. So give it a try and play around with the recipe to suit your preference. 

4 Tbs coconut oil

2 Tbs baking soda 

30 drops essential oil
Suggested essential oil blends. Use your favorites or try these great combinations. 
1. Peppermint, cinnamon, clove

2. Thyme, peppermint, rosemary

3. Frankincense, myrrh, oregano