Love is the bomb. 3 ways to love more through yoga.

Love is the bomb. 3 ways to love more through yoga.

We can all love a little more. And I am sure we can agree that our world could use it. With the challenges we face today in such a hyper-connected and distracted culture we need to practice these benevolent qualities to help give back. If we really want to thrive as a culture, we need to cultivate balance and connectedness. So How can you love more?

1. Being kind

Create cultural compassion through practicing self compassion. Have the courage to see yourself in every other person around the globe. The good the bad, the angry the happy. When we practice acceptance that we all have these potentials within us we are able to find compassion for the others and recognize their pain, their blocks, and their suffering. Compassion will breakthrough the limits of the mind and open doors to unbound energy reserves.

2. Staying inside

Practice observing and training your mind though meditation. To see the love we must embody and feel the love within. We do this by giving the mind just one thing to focus on at a time. Such as feeling your own heart beating within. Meditating on a single point such as your heartbeat, strengthens our attention and ability to focus. It is our mind that perceives separation so drop back into your heart and rest in the limitless power and connectedness within.

3. Hitting the streets.

Take your yogic principles to the places that need them. Take three deep breaths at the traffic light to drop back into your body. Perform an act of kindness to a stranger and notice how it shifts their day and opens their heart. Its actions like these that help reshape our culture and every small piece contributes.

Coming back to the art of practice.

Yoga is designed to rework the mind and recalibrate the nervous system through the different limbs of the practice. Through practice and repetition we create a resilient mind and open heart. With continued practice you may notice when it carries over to the other avenues of your life. This is when the old beliefs are challenged and over time a more compassionate outlook on the world settles in.

If we desire to create balance and harmony for our culture, then we need to be balanced and harmonious with our own selves first. The more we can reside in the space of our heart the more opportunities we have to spread the gifts we have to offer. Remember If its worth doing at all, its worth pouring your full heart into it.

Are you interested in learning about what it takes to create a more connected and balanced life? If you are then reach out! As a an act of kindness I am offering a Free wellness evolution workshop to those ready to take the first step. If you are ready, click the button below!

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Flow State, Yoga and Surfing

Flow State, Yoga and Surfing

A large part to finding optimal health is to come back to the fundamentals and understand our connection with nature. And if we align ourselves to nature and tap into the moments of life happening through us and around us we enhance the ability to enter states of consciousness know as flow states. These are hypo-active states in where our brain opens the capacity to sense the deeper relationship we have with our world. Not only does this state of consciousness accelerate learning, problem solving and connection to our surroundings, but these states open up the potential for stronger creative impulses and motivation.

So why would you want this in your life and how do you practice this? There are many ways we can enter this flow consciousness, such as through demanding environmental conditions where there may be some risks, or by cultivating the conditions with practice or through activities. We can enter these states without our knowing but with the right conditions and practice the state becomes a great tool to have access to. If you desire to optimize your mental capacity for greater processing then it may be something to pay attention to.

surfing and the practice of yoga.

A complete practice for integrating mind, body and spirit.

This state of flowing happens when we are in our optimal state of consciousness, present and focused, our sense of self dissolves and we enter a state beyond the normal flow of time. When this state is entered or created through body awareness practices such as yoga, we find the capacity to fine tune the placement of our body and shift our weight in different ways that during normal states of consciousness take a much longer time to change and even notice. This is an indispensable skill needed for surfing as most of the activity is strategic placement on the board and within the water. This is when developing a regular yoga practice or other mindfull movement technique becomes helpful. From the placement of your feet to the distribution of weight on the board, from the direction your shoulders face to the range of motion in your hips, the number of minute details needing attention demand nothing short of focus and full mental capacity. Yes the postures of yoga help develop and maintain mobility and strength for these dynamic movements but its the practice of breath control in combination with body awareness and movement which I find most powerful.

The power of presence

Anything that grabs your attention brings you into the present moment, the now, and add a little risk to the moment whether it be social or even physical risk, our attention and concentration deepens. Surfing is without a doubt a place for me to connect to this moment where I find vulnerability, humility and I am reminded how fragile we are in the larger picture. Upon entering the water I instantly feel the potential risk and relate that to the rewards of having some good rides. This practice then becomes an opportunity to let go of the challenges I face in life and reconnect to these larger currents of energy circulating the globe. These are the conditions which allow the release of the mundane and a recharging of the internal battery all from the focus and attention of positioning myself for a good ride.

How does this state of consciousness facilitate a deeper connection to our world and why does that matter?

Well, it sets the stage for our natural rhythms to come in. When we are in a rhythm, creativity comes through with much less effort and it becomes easier to let go of needing the external stimulus to make us happy. In contrary to this idea our culture has been creating constant distractions to keep us occupied and addicted to constant stimulus driving us out of this flow. Through practice we can break the mold our culture has been creating and tap into the larger picture of the natural world around us.

This connection can be found in many ways but for me submerging in water is a sure way for troubles and challenges to be released and dissolved. What practices for you bring your into this state of flow? What brings you out of it? Just like anything, the more we practice something, the more familiar it becomes. And when we identify what the triggers are we can begin to design experiences which allow us to practice and cultivate this much needed skill of optimizing our mental capacity.

With my passion for this subject combining the yoga practice and surfing, I designed a workshop Yoga Fundamentals for Surfing which combines the above mentioned ideas. I will be teaching this on Saturday, February 3 at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla California. If you are in the southern California area you might just like what we will be exploring within this workshop. If not, I encourage you to look at what it is that drives your mental energy, where it tends to head.

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Is the holiday pressure building? Don’t be a grinch. Simple tips to hit the reset button and recalibrate yourself.

Is the holiday pressure building? Don’t be a grinch.  Simple tips to hit the reset button and recalibrate yourself.

The holidays are typically filled with a plethora of very merry and extravagant gatherings, and we are right in the middle of it all. The overloading of family and friends can lead to frustrations along with the overloading of food creating a frustrated and compromised digestive system. I value spending time with family and friends however we are all unique and have a personal limit for stimulation, when we identify these limits and use them as guidelines it is easier to stay in our zone of connection. So how do we manage this jolly time of year and stay connected with loved ones without sacrificing our personal sanity and wellbeing?

I like to view it from a very simple perspective, have you ever had your computer or device start acting funky and find out all that needed to be done was to restart it? Its funny how such an easy and simple thing can change the way our devices perform and bring them back to optimal functioning. But what about our body and our mind? Could we have too many programs running and still be stuck on how the conversation at dinner went the other night? I believe so, which is why its a healthy practice to reset and recalibrate our orientation daily.

Based on my own experience I am a strong believer of taking time outs throughout the day, even if its for a moment I will take a few deep breaths to regain presence of where I am and what is really going on. This is true for me especially during gatherings where I may unintentionally be involved in two or three different conversations at the same time. This practice allows me to reconnect and reenter my body during the times when I recognize I am losing my focus or begin to enter frustration.

No one wants to be the grinch at the party or the one blaming their internal misery on someone or something else and time outs help alleviate this pressure building up inside before we hit the panic button and start causing trouble. If you feel this internal pressure cooker ready to explode give yourself the permission to take breather or a walk outside, it might just save you from the very thing you don’t want to happen.

Remember to be kind to yourself and not to over schedule, give plenty of time to relax, reflect and let go of what is not needed in your personal internal hard drive. Remember that you can be the catalyst for creating a more loving and connected gathering and it all begins with how we enter each moment.


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Yoga Nidra, a meditation for deep healing and profound relaxation.

Yoga Nidra, a meditation for deep healing and profound relaxation.

Yoga Nidra

enter through the doorway to the subconscious

This practice has the potential to profoundly transform our perceptions, beliefs and our subconscious mind. From my experience, it’s the fastest way to understanding where we are coming from and how to shift gears to approach our lives in a different and more compassionate way.

Think of your mind as a computer hard drive, as we are growing up we are learning through experience and influence. These Influences and lessons become our downloaded programming and is where we operate from until we download new programming. And just like a computer our minds need to keep up with the advances of technology and with changing times of the planet we live on. Therefore upgrades of our operating systems are highly beneficial when it comes to living in harmony with our planet and ourselves.

This is a practice into the storage space of our mind where we house our beliefs and operating systems, in this practice we invite the exploration of these operating systems which we use in our daily lives with unbiased awareness. With unbiased awareness we can identify our patterns and the outdated software that is holding us back and can begin the shift to adopt beliefs more attuned with who we want to become. It’s through awareness and intention in which we have the ability to upgrade our operating systems and begin to shift our waking reality to become aligned with our deepest desires and to express and share our unique gifts.


“When we dwell in the pleasures of our senses, attractions to further pleasures arise. From attraction comes attachment, the desire for possession that leads to passion and burns into anger. Passions and anger cloud judgement and lead to confusion, the inability to learn from past mistakes and the failure to choose between what is wise and what is unwise. This is the path of separation. But when we move in the world of the senses, yet keep our senses in harmony, free from attachment to attraction or aversion, we rest in the wisdom heart of our true nature, the true equanimity of being, in which all sorrow and suffering cease.”

Yoga Nidra, by Richard Miller PhD ( Bhagavad Gita translation)


I have for you a short guided Yoga Nidra meditation through the five senses. This can be practiced before bed, in the morning, or anytime when you need to reset and recalibrate. Be sure to practice this when you will not be disturbed or distracted. Create space and give yourself time (about twenty minutes) to let go and enter a state of profound relaxation.

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“Sun is shining and the weather is sweet”

“Sun is shining and the weather is sweet”

How do you know if you have and easeful or stressful orientation to life?

Often its how we were brought up or through larger influences which set the tone for how we engage with life. But later we have the option to choose how we enter our day. So ask yourself a few questions. Is life stressful? Is life overwhelming? Should life be so tiresome? By consciously entering your day with the choice to be in ease,  a sense of flow, a sense of connection, life becomes opportunistic rather than the socially accepted busy, stressed, overworked, tired and overwhelmed where everything is happening and you are just reacting.

Is your cup half empty or half full?

It begins with our language and how we describe our life to ourselves. And its not about just sugar coating everything to say “oh yea everything is great and nothing is wrong” but rather embracing even the challenging as opportunities for growth and evolution  of our own identity. And just like using training wheels on a bike when we are learning to ride, its awkward and different when beginning to orient ourselves to the language aligned with ease, comfort and creativity.

When we choose to respond to life, we take complete responsibility of our life and own that we are creating everything from the easy to challenging. Reacting is in a sense a lack of ability to respond, a lack of responsibility, this responsibility comes with deepening awareness and making choices to see life happening for us.

It’s the cup half full way of life.

This is ingrained in our dna through the challenges of our ancestors, but through the growth of our consciousness we now have a choice to change the trajectory of our path and how we associate with it.

Through practice, we can articulate our words to identify and express our orientation and where we are coming from. Through daily practice, it begins to rewire our brain and becomes the normal way of approach. Feeling the difference between stress and anxiety as a contraction and the intensity which is associated with these states vs. the expansive qualities associated with joy and love and how it opens us more and more.

Whats the easiest shift to begin with you ask? Gratitude.

Stress and gratitude don’t go together. They resonate at different frequencies. Meaning you can’t experience both at the same time. Yes its hard to immediately shift into this state in the heat of the moment after being activated by the situation, that is why it is a practice. We continually come back to it each time after noticing and over time, momentum builds and its just the new normal.

Gratitude is the antidote for stress

This state of easeful living comes after time of practice and setting up your body in way which takes the pressure down a bit. Self care practices are great tools to help re-orient yourself and other simple steps taken again and again over time do create momentum. So Identify what matters most to you, which orientation do you want to have towards life, and know that the entire world needs your joy, your love and your gratitude expressed more and more everyday!

Remember, to be kind to yourself and to be kind to others!

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Cosmic Download, riding the waves of intuitive insights.

Cosmic Download, riding the waves of intuitive insights.

When we attune ourselves to the rhythms of our environment it becomes easier to facilitate deep listening. Deep listening itself is a skill we can acquire by practicing again and again, and as we practice it becomes easier to notice the influences upon us and how we can apply them in a way to facilitate our path.

Ride the waves of intuitive insights.


The skill of listening is becoming more and more of a commodity in our culture, at least to me it is as I notice just how out of tune people are within social interactions by evacuating the interaction through means of a device searching for something that is rarely found outside of the present moment and by consistently turning the conversation back to themselves. Just as its a challenge to truly listen to someone who just needs to be heard our intuition is calling on us to listen deeply more often than we think.

Everything that we perceive here in nature is pulsating with these insights for us, but only if we take the time to listen to them.

Our breath comes in and it goes out, the tide comes in and goes out. The cycles are a part of the natural rhythm and we are inherently integrated within, that is until we perceive ourselves as separate from, above or below the rhythms. Surfing for me is an instant reality check for this, as entering the water is an instant attunement to the bigger picture and the pulsating nature of our environment. When the swell is on the rise the energy shifts and becomes much more intense than when the swell is low, just as surfing has a skill level involved so does the practice of internal listening aka meditating.

If we intentionally choose to ride the swells of creative impulses, we facilitate our creativity to bloom. If we choose to ride the waves of our intuitive impulses, our choices become more clear as to where they will guide us.

As we continually come into this state of listening whether its to a friend, a stranger, a family member or spouse, we hone a valuable skill sharpening our attention span. This skill gradually builds momentum and before you know it just like learning a new language you have the capacity to listen deeply and hear the messages coming through you in a new way you haven’t heard or felt before. The momentum from consistently tapping into our intuition and acting on what we truly hear is the practice.

Acknowledge the rise and fall of the pulses and surges of inspiration coming through you! Feel your heart beating, pumping blood through our entire body and reflect this to the larger picture of where we really are in space and time. On a tiny speck of dust, drifting around a star, floating through space that no one can explain. Namaste!

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Spiritual Reboot to Vibrant Health.

This is the first hence the name pilot program and its based on my own experience of becoming more aligned with the natural rhythms of the planet we live on.

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Over the course of 10 weeks, I will guide you through an exploration of the habits from the ancients, our ancestors and the cosmos.

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What is Reality

What is Reality

the ineffable mysteries

How do we explain something we cannot perceive with our five senses? Have you ever had an experience you could not put into words? Take the sound of silence, the visuals behind our closed eyes or even our dreams. Our senses when seen as tools, which is really what they are, have a limited range in which they can receive and translate information.

Think of the word beautiful for instance, each individual has their own interpretation of the word and accompanying image or experience associated with it.

Experiencing something extraordinary and then telling someone about it can sometimes dull down the experience due to our limiting words and ability to describe it.

One mans beauty is another mans misery, and so it is, for every possible experience we have it is only relative to ourselves and our own interpretation of it.

As for light traveling through and around us, we only have the capacity to see a specific range of colors. However through technology we have created tools with great sensitivity to show that there is a broad spectrum of light beyond what we can see with our eyes.

No matter how subtle the experience is we should not disregard it or push it aside and call it not real. Just because we cannot explain it in words does not mean that it didn’t happen or we did not experience it.

I believe these non ordinary experiences contain qualities of magic and transformation if we can accept them for what they are. No matter how small or insignificant the personal experience seemed, it was still and experience and is no less real than anything else.