“conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level”

“conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level”

After listening to “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks in audio form a few times now I got it! I have identified the zones where I am comfortable and have started to breakthrough the hidden fears. This book invites you to question where you orient your life from and to explore how we hold ourselves back from expressing our unique gifts, experiencing an abundance of happiness, love, joy, appreciation and financial security. This book highlights where humans tend to hold themselves back and common signs that may be signaling you in the instance you are playing it safe and staying in your bubble of comfort.

This is more of a reference for myself but I am deciding to share it because I feel others, maybe you, will relate to this or in the best case find the inspiration within to look at yourself with an understanding that we tend to make choices confining ourselves from reaching our most glorious potential.

After identifying the zones from where I spend time and express myself from, here it goes. My zone of excellence is where I have been comfortably providing for myself financially with my professional skills as a Chef. I have used the skills of cooking and preparing food for people to support the majority of my life as an adult. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but Its where I have been identified for such a long time that it’s all I have known to identify with. It’s where my family and long time friends know me and can expect to find me working in and sustaining my life from.

It would be easy or at least comfortable for me to continue doing the same thing until I could no longer do it, however there is something that has been pulling me out of this zone for sometime now and I am seeing why. Its not my zone of genius! I know this now and can feel the pulses from my intuition guiding and nudging me toward my zone of genius. My zone of genius is based on my evolving experience of becoming more attuned to the environment we share and in this attunement finding deeper more complex relations between our inner world and our outer world.

What I have identified in this zone as a unique gift is my desire to work with people in a new way of nourishment. Taking a step back from the hyper-focused attention to detail and complex palate pleasing foods and stepping towards the simple use of food as fuel for our body and mind. It really hit me when this thought came to me in the shower as I was washing my hair.

I desire to create a deeper change within people. I desire to have a deeper impact. Anybody can cook a meal and feed themselves or a family member, but I want to impact them in a different way that really accentuates their experiences in life and how they further impact others in a positive way.

In my zone of genius I am guiding people into deeper states of thrive through habit evolution and simple daily practices. In this zone I am working from a space where I am guiding people into their intuition and teaching how to use it as the framework for their life, tapping into the endless reservoir of love and connecting to their inner guide.

This identity shift from the chef to the teacher, guide and leader is my big leap out of my zone of excellence and into my zone of genius and where I can express my deepest gifts and offer compassionate insights. My goal is to facilitate the growth of ones spiritual side while sharing the gifts and insights of health, longevity, planetary and personal connection.

Have you read this book? I highly recommend it. I love to hear from others on their journey so please reach out with any questions or comments. Please share this with another person who may be inspired or could benefit from this.

I truly appreciate it!

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What do your New Year Dreams look like and how do they make you feel?

What do your New Year Dreams look like and how do they make you feel?

What are your biggest dreams?

I know its the season of festivities and holidays but it is also the time to reflect back on the past year. Taking note of the accomplishments along with the failures. Its through our failures where we can switch our view and re-enter with a fresh approach, new vision and orientation.

Its easy for me to get caught up in the distress of life and forget about the huge shifts I have made over the past year, with the amount of challenges we all face today it’s so powerful to have a practice to come back to, to help ground, reconnect and focus on the good that we see in the world and the good we are co-creating.

Reflecting back on 2017 I see how much momentum I have created in the direction of offering my services in new unique ways. I came to realize how much I enjoy dancing and ecstatic movements as a way to connect to my body. I embraced the practice of pushing my own boundaries and how riding the edges of my comfort zones has helped me step into the new identity I am becoming more vulnerably and confidently. I have a sense now of what that looks like even though I know its a constant evolution with no end state.

So I ask you, what has your year looked like and how have you changed? Reflecting on the challenges you have faced in 2017, how have they shaped you and your perspective of your life? What powerful lessons are hidden behind those challenges? In what direction are you headed now based on the choices you made over the past year? And then ask yourself,

How deeply do I want to Thrive in 2018?

Start with identifying how you really desire to feel physically, mentally and spiritually, keeping it in an easily attainable scope. Then set an intention for how you desire to experience life.

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January 5, 2018

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Is the holiday pressure building? Don’t be a grinch. Simple tips to hit the reset button and recalibrate yourself.

Is the holiday pressure building? Don’t be a grinch.  Simple tips to hit the reset button and recalibrate yourself.

The holidays are typically filled with a plethora of very merry and extravagant gatherings, and we are right in the middle of it all. The overloading of family and friends can lead to frustrations along with the overloading of food creating a frustrated and compromised digestive system. I value spending time with family and friends however we are all unique and have a personal limit for stimulation, when we identify these limits and use them as guidelines it is easier to stay in our zone of connection. So how do we manage this jolly time of year and stay connected with loved ones without sacrificing our personal sanity and wellbeing?

I like to view it from a very simple perspective, have you ever had your computer or device start acting funky and find out all that needed to be done was to restart it? Its funny how such an easy and simple thing can change the way our devices perform and bring them back to optimal functioning. But what about our body and our mind? Could we have too many programs running and still be stuck on how the conversation at dinner went the other night? I believe so, which is why its a healthy practice to reset and recalibrate our orientation daily.

Based on my own experience I am a strong believer of taking time outs throughout the day, even if its for a moment I will take a few deep breaths to regain presence of where I am and what is really going on. This is true for me especially during gatherings where I may unintentionally be involved in two or three different conversations at the same time. This practice allows me to reconnect and reenter my body during the times when I recognize I am losing my focus or begin to enter frustration.

No one wants to be the grinch at the party or the one blaming their internal misery on someone or something else and time outs help alleviate this pressure building up inside before we hit the panic button and start causing trouble. If you feel this internal pressure cooker ready to explode give yourself the permission to take breather or a walk outside, it might just save you from the very thing you don’t want to happen.

Remember to be kind to yourself and not to over schedule, give plenty of time to relax, reflect and let go of what is not needed in your personal internal hard drive. Remember that you can be the catalyst for creating a more loving and connected gathering and it all begins with how we enter each moment.


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Empowered Living, simple strategies to stay above the holiday overwhelm.

Empowered Living, simple strategies to stay above the holiday overwhelm.


There are many factors when it comes to living a balanced life, how well you sleep, how well you move, what you eat and your social engagements are among the top influences for creating balance and staying healthy. Luckily enough we have the choice to identify how we want to experience life and can begin to make the small shifts towards that desired state. So where do we begin and how do we optimize our day to stay above the overwhelm of life? By taking responsibility and taking small action steps!


Sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy life and its not just about the amount of sleep rather than the quality of sleep. Our bodies are naturally attuned to the circadian cycle of our planet and even our organs are on their own biological clock working to create deeper states of physical balance and mental/emotional ease. When times become more intense or stressful, give yourself the opportunity to get more sleep.

Meal Spacing

Are you filling up your car with premium fuel and still eating conventional produce?

Food and the desire to please the palate is often in the driver seat influencing decisions and shaping our day. Yes food can taste good but we need to come back to the whole reason we eat, that is to fuel this body we inhabit. If we look at food as energy, we can see that this energy is information, we realign with the fact that this information is signaling the body and providing raw materials to do the necessary things to stay alive, but with the enhancement of flavors though food manufacturing this food is now creating a desire and addiction for overconsumption.

Re-enter the power of intermittent fasting. Spacing meals is vital for living a long and healthy life and enhances our ability to be flexible and adaptable for accessing and using stored fuel (body fat) on the body. Yes food should be satisfying and can be very pleasurable but for many of us its will take a shift in how we look at food, a change of identity to begin viewing food as an energy source. Choose to eat simple high quality food to fuel your body and mind and over time, you will notice the shift in cravings.

Spend time outdoors

There are so many fancy ways to take control of your health but sunshine and the outdoors is among the best for combating overwhelm. Keep a regular practice of walking outside with no electronics to recalibrate your senses to your environment. Smell the flowers and notice the plants growing on the side walk or on your favorite hiking trail, and even if its for a minute, zoom your perspective outward and notice where you are in space, on a planet orbiting around a star in a vast universe. This practice in shifting perspectives really sheds light on the scale of how serious we can take the smallest and most mundane of situations in our life.


Nothing beats sitting and spending time in stillness, even when your mind is racing and nothing seems to be still, the act of watching and feeling what is going on inside is good for us. With the Holidays approaching its easy to feel overwhelmed with all the activities and to-do lists, but make it a point to take 1-5 minutes twice a day to reflect and decompress the mind with just sitting and being. Everyone has the time it is just a matter of priority and facing the challenge the doing something new. So even if you have never formally meditate before get curious and just sit, close your eyes and notice whats going on for a few minutes. If you haven’t yet, click here to receive a free guided meditation from me to listen to at your own time.

The Take Aways

Empower yourself by applying these tools and upgrading your performance physically and mentally. Identify your priorities and know other peoples’ priorities are not yours unless you choose to own them. Reorienting your approach to your day with a few deep breaths and identifying the small steps needed to head towards a desired state you want to experience can be a fun approach!!

Dont take it to seriously!!

Be kind to yourself!

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3 health benefits of drinking warm water.

3 health benefits of drinking warm water.

Actions tend to create momentum in one of two directions, towards aligning ourself to a more easeful experience or towards disharmony. I can say at this time, for most of my life I was on the path of disharmony, with no clear goal to strive to, with no desired state of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health to experience.  I was on the path of just trying to get through the day with as little conflict as possible. So what does this have to do with drinking warm water?


As we transition into the cooler months it doesn’t mean you can’t be warm and fuzzy inside and often enough its these simplest action steps which make that said warm feeling happen. Think of wool socks and how comforting they are. Action step, put on a pair of wool socks. Want to feel warm and comfortable inside? Action step, drink warm liquids and eat warming foods. This comfort can relax the nervous system, which is a major controller of how well our digestion is functioning, which over time this comfort carries the potential for transformational results.

Over time I have adopted a very simple morning routine which a couple of the practices repeat throughout the day. This is a common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and sure enough, it’s the simplest of them all that for me have been the most life changing!

The most basic practices from these ancient traditions of promoting health and longevity is through improving digestion, warming up the body and keeping the energy flowing. Think of ice, its stagnant, dense, rigid and well, cold. This alone should shine some light on the adverse affects of drinking ice water. Now contrast this to warm water. It doesn’t contain any of the preceding descriptors. Basic enough?

So onto the ideas and application behind this practice.

So what do you do? Drink warm water first thing in the morning in place of cold or room temp water. It’s best not to overthink it because it is this simple. Ideally the water should not be too hot to drink in a quick manner. You are not making tea so long before it becomes “tea hot” it is ready. Do Not burn yourself! It’s not worth it and it’s not pleasant first thing in the morning to scorch your taste buds and throat.

What you get from drinking this is a warming sensation throughout your entire body that’s very comforting. This practice is very underestimated with the power of flushing out subtle and gross stagnation in your systems. Of course it’s hydrating and possibly more importantly it stimulates peristalsis, yes pooping, the typically underachieved elimination process ridding your body from yesterday’s digested food hanging out inside you.

Simplicity at its best, choose warming liquids and foods to consume during these chilling months. I invite you to try it out. Begin to notice the most basic functions in your body improve and becoming more consistent. Remember the warmth you can create from the inside out is this easy when the proper steps are taken to support your body.

So here are 3 health benefits from drinking warm water.

  1. Helps flush water soluble toxins first thing in the morning.
  2. Promotes bowel movement to start the day lighter and clear.
  3. Helps stimulate and awaken the digestive fire in your belly



Bonus health benefit!

The warm glass feels really nice in your hands first thing in the morning.


Enjoy the path to creating a more easeful experience, creating more harmony within and exuding that harmony to others.

Choose your habits wisely!


“Sun is shining and the weather is sweet”

“Sun is shining and the weather is sweet”

How do you know if you have and easeful or stressful orientation to life?

Often its how we were brought up or through larger influences which set the tone for how we engage with life. But later we have the option to choose how we enter our day. So ask yourself a few questions. Is life stressful? Is life overwhelming? Should life be so tiresome? By consciously entering your day with the choice to be in ease,  a sense of flow, a sense of connection, life becomes opportunistic rather than the socially accepted busy, stressed, overworked, tired and overwhelmed where everything is happening and you are just reacting.

Is your cup half empty or half full?

It begins with our language and how we describe our life to ourselves. And its not about just sugar coating everything to say “oh yea everything is great and nothing is wrong” but rather embracing even the challenging as opportunities for growth and evolution  of our own identity. And just like using training wheels on a bike when we are learning to ride, its awkward and different when beginning to orient ourselves to the language aligned with ease, comfort and creativity.

When we choose to respond to life, we take complete responsibility of our life and own that we are creating everything from the easy to challenging. Reacting is in a sense a lack of ability to respond, a lack of responsibility, this responsibility comes with deepening awareness and making choices to see life happening for us.

It’s the cup half full way of life.

This is ingrained in our dna through the challenges of our ancestors, but through the growth of our consciousness we now have a choice to change the trajectory of our path and how we associate with it.

Through practice, we can articulate our words to identify and express our orientation and where we are coming from. Through daily practice, it begins to rewire our brain and becomes the normal way of approach. Feeling the difference between stress and anxiety as a contraction and the intensity which is associated with these states vs. the expansive qualities associated with joy and love and how it opens us more and more.

Whats the easiest shift to begin with you ask? Gratitude.

Stress and gratitude don’t go together. They resonate at different frequencies. Meaning you can’t experience both at the same time. Yes its hard to immediately shift into this state in the heat of the moment after being activated by the situation, that is why it is a practice. We continually come back to it each time after noticing and over time, momentum builds and its just the new normal.

Gratitude is the antidote for stress

This state of easeful living comes after time of practice and setting up your body in way which takes the pressure down a bit. Self care practices are great tools to help re-orient yourself and other simple steps taken again and again over time do create momentum. So Identify what matters most to you, which orientation do you want to have towards life, and know that the entire world needs your joy, your love and your gratitude expressed more and more everyday!

Remember, to be kind to yourself and to be kind to others!

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7 tips for thriving through the holidays

7 tips for thriving through the holidays

The holidays are approaching!

This time of year its easy to become overwhelmed, that is unless you strategize, choosing to keep strong healthy routines creating a momentum orienting you towards a state of thrive.

If you are interested in not just surviving this holiday season but exiting with the same Thriving momentum you entered with, then here are my 7 tips for keeping peace of body, mind and spirit during this fun time of year. Making the right choices will keep you feeling on top of your game so empower yourself with these simple tips and invite a sense of ease this season, drop the need for perfection and enjoy the little details!



Here are the 7 tips

  • For a peaceful mind, Drop the need for perfection ( the next steps will help this fall into place when the waters get rough)
  • Dont over schedule yourself, enjoy the down time.
  • If you do drink alcohol, discontinue at least 3 hours before bed ( again, sleep is important)
  • Keep a consistent morning routine (this sets the trajectory for the day)
  • Stay consistent with your movement/yoga practice ( 5 minutes is better than none)
  • Eat slowly to prevent overeating
  • Come back to gratitude

So a big take away from this is to remember the importance of rest.

Invite a sense of ease, gratitude is antidote for stress and anxiety.


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