Being ok during your personal evolution


Hello dear listener,

It can be uncomfortable, you are confronting new ways of being, you are experiencing new ways of behaving, relating to the world, to others, and even to yourself.

During these times of change on your personal level, be ok with the discomfort, with the feelings of unknowing, of uncertainty, and settle into the eye of the storm that might be circulating around you.

You don’t need to know what to do next, you don’t need to know how it will unfold, you don’t need to feel good about the situation. Find the ok-ness when things become tough and you are challenged in your own transformation. To move into new territory means it is unfamiliar and unknown, find an ok-ness with being at the leading edge of your personal evolution.

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Alec Hurley

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Published by Alec Hurley

Alec Hurley is a Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher in the San Diego area and a life long surfer. He is the founder of Higher Self Wellness and an avid practitioner of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices which he infuses into his public yoga classes and group program “The Art of Connection”. He is professionally trained as a Chef and incorporates the ancient wisdom of “food as medicine” into his culinary creations. Alec infuses the practices of personal and planetary alignment into his modern healthy lifestyle toolkit to help shift the collective into deeper states of connection.

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