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The stakes are high and the potential is higher.

This is what one of my mentors recently said in a meeting. It really shows the importance of needing to change behaviors to support that of longevity, because the truth is… if you don’t the chances are high that you will experience an auto immune reaction, digestion complication, compounding stress due to poor sleep and the long list of complications that are connected to poor sleep. This is why I am such a huge advocate of changing habits. Its your habits that shape your experience, whether they are conscious, or unconscious.


So what about your unconscious eating behaviors?

Trust me, I had many of these poor eating habits that led me to have poor digestion, bloating, gas for such a long time, and I didn’t know that it was optional… I didn’t;’t know there was another way.

Today the importance of meal spacing, not snacking, not overeating, no over indulging is ever so important, especially with the abundance of food always available. And there is no short of information out there, especially in social media, and it’s easy to forget how to take action when you find yourself lost trying to find the culprit causing your digestive distress when in fact it’s likely that it’s coming from an unconscious habit trigger.

So I want to highlight the importance of bringing the unconscious habits around eating and nourishment to the conscious . Because nourishment comes in through  all of your senses, its imperative to be aware of how you are feeding your senses.

Everything that comes through your sense needs to go through a digestion process. When things aren’t being fully digested, transformed, processed, and integrated, it builds up. This is exactly why meditation is so very important because it gives space to your mind to process your experiences. Space is connected to your spirit which brings a cleanliness to your mind, a higher quality consciousness that allows you to see the mind as a product of nature. Where as without meditation it is easy to be controlled by and identify with your mind, your thoughts, beliefs, etc.

On to food through your mouth. I have covered this before and I do it again because it’s that important. Looking at your unconscious habits around eating  is critical for maintaining optimal energy, physically, and mentally. A few key points which I find that most people I speak to are doings no matter how much they know about healthy food and all the stuff is consistent snacking. Not giving enough space between meals to digest and integrate the food before throwing something else down the hatch. Again space here brings in nourishment into your spirit and how fasting for longer periods is done as a spiritual practice in many traditions. But there are many unconscious triggers here that could be the reason for not bringing in space between meals.


These triggers can be a specific place, an emotion such as boredom, an action like getting home from work, a specific time like sunset, even other people like, hey do you want to go get pizza and a beer?

So in this it is crucial to be specific about what it is you want to change and repeating it over and over again.

Your best measuring stick here is checking in to how you feel when you wake up, before and after your meals, and when you go to sleep.

This will help you see where you could feel a bit better.

And in that you can begin to map out your actions, noticing the situations triggering you to do certain things. Awareness is the first step here, bringing the unconscious routines to the conscious level so you can bring the higher quality of consciousness to it. 


Then we get into the topic of what to eat. This is where simplicity really comes in. Ill keep riding the wave of digestion here because I know too many people who experience regularly digestive discomfort. Simplicity and real food  rules here. I know packages stuff is convenient, Heck I still eat things that come out of a package too. Nothing beats real fresh food and learning about how it supports your cells is important. Not only does real food contain nutrients, it contains information and prana. The informations tells your genes what to do and prana nourishes your subtle energy system within the cells.


When you look at the blue zones around the world, these are the areas that have the highest number of people living over 100 years, they all have some similarities. They don’t eat packaged and processed food with preservatives, extra sugar, extra salt, or processed beverages with empty calories. They eat whole grains, bitter greens and veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, and in some of the blue zones they also eat meat and fish. However it’s not in the way that our culture consumes it and not as regularly with bacon for breakfast, burger for lunch, and chicken for dinner. It is ore intentional where people gather as families and friends to share a meal in a communal setting.


I see a lot on social media about the different diets and how grains are bad, beans give you gas, wheat is the devil and so on. What I have noticed is that it’s the food that is inherently bad, it is the lost art of preparation that is contributing to people not being able to eat them, along with the domestication of these plants in combination with chemical agriculture destroying the good bacteria found on them. Traditionally these grains are soaked and fermented and throughly washed before cooking and even sprouted before hand. Same for the beans. Beans from a can, and hummus from a store bought container are not the same food as the old world methods of preparation. It’s as simple as that.

What I find to be so freaking cool though is the amount of potent herbs and spices consumed, and most cases wild herbs which have higher potency for strengthening your immune system. From rosemary to ginger, cinnamon to fenugreek, herbs and spices carry abundant information to signal your body to do certain things genetically, and even feed specific strains of bacteria which populate your whole gut system. This is why I love bitters so much and travel with a spray bottle where ever I go.

I see that it is easy to paint the picture either black or white. Meat is good or meat is bad and it all comes down to your personal beliefs and morals. This is where the power lies within how you feel and what do you need to feel nourished beyond what your unconscious habits are signaling to you.

So how about the rant on what to eat, It is not the case of this is good or this is bad. In my experience and what I have noticed in helping others it comes down to breaking the unconscious habits around eating, including when, where, what, why, and how, by discovering the triggers. And then making slightly better decisions over time.

And remember the stakes are high for not changing your behaviors and the potential for what is possible for you to experience is even higher!

If you would like to talk with me personally about your habits, and how to start shifting your habits for good, message me, schedule a free one on one session and start tapping into your potential. And remember that nothing is set in stone, you can change your experience, it is not too late.

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