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Today i want to talk to you about Embodied awakening

  • What is it? Its the application of specific behaviors that bring us back home into nature, into your body. It is a program which explores the elements, their qualities and how they affect your mind body connection. Over time these practices create the foundation for subtle transformation of understanding, of awakening. Just like in meditation, we begin with our relationship to the physical body, to physical sensation. In this program you will begin to shift and change your behaviors to align with nature. Whether we like it or not, we are circadian beings. Our hormonal system, digestive system, everything runs on this planetary rhythm of light and dark. So that where we begin. Bringing more consistency to sleep patterns and routines. Over time aligning into deeper integrity with the circadian cycle. What this does is open the potential for your down time, your sleep to become deeply rejuvenating, so you wake up energized, ready to go and ready to serve, and share your unique skills and gifts. We need this time for rest. Just as we need time for action and outward interaction. The thing is that today most people don’t get the down time they really need. The down time is spent with screens, flooding the mind with more information, to the point of overstimulation and a dis regulated nervous system.
  • The circadian alignment is just the beginning. From there we move into activating the body through breath and movement. Through sweat and heat, and you will learn the importance of keeping the waste systems of the body open to prevent disease.
  • What does it mean for you to care for your self? It is a buzz word today, the self love and self care. True self care is more than just saying I love you to yourself in the mirror or taking a warm bath. You need your actions to show your care for your self, you need your behaviors and choices to show that you care for your body and mind. It is learning how to have a body, how to connect with your emotions, how to use the sacred yes and sacred no. This is a life long relationship you are building with your body and mind, and we explore deeply supportive practices that bring you back into your heart and your senses.
  • What does it mean to eat healthy? Health s such a personal experience. Food is a personal experience. One food might be healthy for one person and not for someone else. You will explore your personal relationship with the elements, the subtle qualities of food, and learn how to choose food that will energize you and rebuild a strong and healthy body. We cover the six tastes, the digestive health, and how to use seasonal cleansing to restore body, mind, and spiritual connection.
  • Meditation is the experience of awareness and understanding. A connection to the flow of your consciousness in any moment. The practice can become a space to digest lifestyle experiences, a space that with practice, opens you up to the inner happiness and peace that is always there. An opportunity to integrate life and awaken to the potential which are always within you.

What I can guarantee you is that you will understand what your needs are to thrive all year long. You will learn how to care for your body and mind so you can perform in the world at your best. Truly giving your gifts aligned with your truth.  I want to see you grow so you can show up and impact those around you to a deeper degree. To live your dharma. So the question is, will you say yes to doing the work?

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Alec Hurley is a Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher in the San Diego area and a life long surfer. He is the founder of Higher Self Wellness and an avid practitioner of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices which he infuses into his public yoga classes and group program “The Art of Connection”. He is professionally trained as a Chef and incorporates the ancient wisdom of “food as medicine” into his culinary creations. Alec infuses the practices of personal and planetary alignment into his modern healthy lifestyle toolkit to help shift the collective into deeper states of connection.

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