Seasonal detox, meditation and group support!

Thank you for tuning in today!

I hope you can join the Higher Self Wellness Detox starting Monday 9/24.

We will open up the group with a meditation and intention setting for what is ready to be released at the change of the season. I will be sharing what and why I do this, what is working, what is not and opening up for Q & A. 

I hope you join, as I have opened this up as a FREE event to build community and make more connections with you the listener.

You can sign up for the group with this link here.

You can also download the free ebook here.

Other meetings will be during the following,

Thursday 9/27 9am – easing in
Monday 10/1 9am – cleaning house
Thursday 10/4 9am – easing out
Monday 10/8 9am – Closing & integrating

Thank you for tuning in.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Alec Hurely

Higher Self Wellness


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