Sacred space. Your interface with spirit.

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Sacred space is an area that you designate for a spiritual purpose. A pace to honor the divine, spirit, and/or anything you conect with as the higher power. 

It is important designate a space to become an interace for spiritual connection. When you regularly come to a place for prayer, meditation or sacred ritual, this space begins to hold and harness that energy. Overtime, it begins to amplify your intentions, acting as an activation point to send and receive guidance, answers and inspired connection. 

This is why you can feel the energy of a chrch, mosque, temple, or other sacred place. When you come to a deignated place over time with the intention to connect to the divine, that energy is held there and can be harnessed to connect you to spirit. 

It is a practice of feeding and nurturing with your intentions and attention. Showing up consistently helps feed the energy of the space.

I would love to hear about your sacred space, and/or sacred practice, meditation or other ways you interact with spirit. Feel free to reach out through facebook, instagram and even the website.

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