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Thank you tuning in today!


Spirit guides are always there, supporting every one of us throughout our life. When we establish a connection to them we can open ourselves up to receive guidance and inspiration in a more fluid way. 

Through deepening a connection with spirit we can receive information and enter a state of inspired creativity which helps us through our life. 

Meditation is key and specifically a meditation that is devoted to this connection. 

What my meditation to foster this connection looks like is this.

I repeat a prayer that protects my energy.

I set an intention open my senses to receive divine guidance.

I let go and receive.

I close the meditation when I am guided to do so. 5 – 15 minutes usually.

Then I write down and acknowledge anything that came through to me during my meditation.


This is a practice of learning how to discern the imformation coming through. 

We all receive inspired guidance a little different, so it takes time to explore and learn how spirit interacts with you.

Remember to invite curiosity. That is the spirit of inquiry.

Let me know what your meditation looks like, if you have a connection with your guides, or if you would like to establish a connection with your guides.


I hope you have a wonderful day!

with love,


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