Connecting physical health and the spiritual life.


talk a lot about maintaining physical health, body habits.

This is the base work for creating a life of deep spiritual connection.


The spiritual life is not apart from daily living. You have no consciousness, you are consciousness.

You have no awareness, you are pure witnessing awareness. The physical body is the vehicle for spirit to experience the precipitation of this awareness. From this philosophy comes possibilities for radical change and rapid healing. Physical practices, body maintenance help integrate this philosophy.


Behaviors can go in one of two directions,

Regenerating your body towards wholeness and health.

Degenerating your body towards dis-ease and poor health.

Although our body is quite resilient, we can stay stuck in old degenerative behaviors for a long time without seeing any physical distress.

This is why the belief that I can can do anything and eat anything with no effects is pretty common.


But what I want to talk about today for a few minutes is how regenerative practices support a deepening of a spiritual life and connection to intuition.


So First what do I mean by regenerative practices. There are very simple body habits and self care practices that I am talking about from our ancient ancestors who payed attention to these things. From Chinese medicine, yin needs to be balanced by yang. That is the subtle feminine force, meditation, rest, reflection practices, needs to be balance by the yang masculine force, doing, outward interaction, accomplishment productivity.


When we find a balance between these two forces, there is a sense of balance and fulfillment.


When all of the practices and routines that I speak about are in place, morning, evening dincharya, rhythmic eating, deep nourishment from self care. The physical body becomes attuned to subtle energy  and expanded consciousness.


All these practices, wen they become automated, that is unconscious behaviors like brushing your teeth and picking your nose, become a support system to carry you down stream, with the flow of life, rather than upstream. It can be a fake it til you make kind of thing and thats fine. Each time you are faking it, you are reprogramming your mind and nerves to that of nurturance and support.


This helps life becomes smoother, not because you don’t have challenges and difficulties, but because the nervous system is resilient, recharged and has the support of deep nutrition, mental ease and emotional intelligence to face the challenges as opportunities for growth.


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Thank you for listening.

Alec Hurley

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Published by Alec Hurley

Alec Hurley is a Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher in the San Diego area and a life long surfer. He is the founder of Higher Self Wellness and an avid practitioner of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices which he infuses into his public yoga classes and group program “The Art of Connection”. He is professionally trained as a Chef and incorporates the ancient wisdom of “food as medicine” into his culinary creations. Alec infuses the practices of personal and planetary alignment into his modern healthy lifestyle toolkit to help shift the collective into deeper states of connection.

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