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Plant based diet, the environment  and the intelligence within it.


It may seem kind woo woo. But that is because of our disconnection with nature. We are nature and the sooner we come to terms with this health and vitality can be restored.


How do you feed yourself?

What are your goto meals?

How diverse are they?

Do you eat conventional farmed veggies?


Today there are so any protocols and diets, everyone has some form of identity with what it is they eat.

I am a vegan, I’m paleo, I’m keto, I am vegetarian, you get the point.


What happened to I am human! I eat food that supports my vitality.


But I get it, it is hard today to understand what it really is that does support your vitality.


We have packaged foods labeled as healthy, labeled and presented in a way that attracts your attention and that when you do eat it causes your reward centers to go off the charts, keeping you coming back for more.

On top of this is the residues of chemical pesticides that accumulate in your body. Processed and even conventionally farmed foods are laden with chemical residues, which accumulate in your body over time.

This will drain your energy, create mental fog, turn off your ability to focus, I know this because I experienced this in my own body. It was not how I wanted to live my life.

So how then do you begin to break out of this convenient food paradigm?

Small actions, each choice you make contributes to your whole experience and state of being.

When you consume a diverse range of organic produce it helps the body receive what it needs nutritionally.

One thing that diets have in common is eating vegetables, plants.


The more diverse you can eat the broader range of nutrients, phytonutrients, and other very important compounds you encounter.

This good because there are so many unique compounds found in the not so commonly consumed produce. This is great for stimulating your bodies innate ability to detox naturally.


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