Start your day right with a routine to promote wellness

Dear listener,

You want to create a life of balance, a life in harmony, in flow, this comes from understanding the rhythms we are inherently living in, syncing these rhythms with strategic actions placed in a way that supports connection and wellness.

Morning routine to start your day right.

Just think of what your ideal morning looks like. How does it make you feel?

What does it look like when you dont have this ideal morning. How does it make you feel?

This is a powerful time to create a  morning routine to set the trajectory for your day.

How do you do this?

For me it comes down to these components.

  • Expanding my awareness
  • Appreciation –  the opportunity to offer a service that helps uplift those I encounter.
  • Hygiene – Scrape tongue, oil rinse, brush teeth, oil sense organs.
  • Hydrate and poop These go hand in hand. Empty the channel to become open to receive the day.
  • Move and breath. Move the prana, lymph and get the circulation pumping.
  • Sit and feel. Aka meditation.

What does your ideal morning look like?

How can you insert specific actions to support yourself deeper?

If you would like to explore this together, sign up for a Free wellness workshop with me.

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Thank you for listening.

Much love,

Alec Hurley

I hope you find what it is you need to support yourself each morning with ease.

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