Evening wind down with Ayurveda dinacharya.


A routine to maintain health is known as dinacharys. When you have a regular time to wind down in the evening your body knows. This over time signals the body to begin the wind down process, helping to set you up to get the deep rejuvenating sleep you need after a long day of excitement. A regular routine creates a sense of certainty, which the nervous system loves to stay relaxed and restful. Your mind will also love you for this because when your nervous system is relaxed, you sleep deeper and the brain can do all it’s functions affectively during the night. Evening is a great time to begin the wind down process. 

Ideas for things to do in your evening dinacharya routine.

  • Watch the sunset with friends or family
  • Go for a walk after dinner and listen to the sounds of your environment.
  • Take a bath with cooling herbs infused in the water
  • Rub your feet with a cooling coconut oil before bed!!
  • Have a set bedtime for electronics
  • Take a seat before bed and connect to your inner world. Aka meditation!


If you would like to explore creating an evening routine sign up for a free wellness workshop.

I love using Ayurveda as an all encompassing support system for my wellbeing. Mostly because it is the simplest and least expensive way I have found to come back into balance and harmony with my body, my mind and my spirit. 

Much love,

Alec Hurley

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2 thoughts on “Evening wind down with Ayurveda dinacharya.

  1. Love these ideas Alec! I’ve realized that my morning routine starts with my wind down evening routine so I’ve started to be more intentional at night.

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