Taking responsibility of your mindset and lifestyle with Casey Squillacote.


With every moment comes an opportunity to take responsibility of your actions. It is not always easy. Gratitude and appreciation help!

I met Case Squillacote about ten years ago and one thing I have noticed is that she is always trying new things and questioning old patterns. Casey is always exploring new ways to support herself. Wether it is through movement and exercise or with new foods she enjoys the path of a dynamic and engaged life. 

Grief, especially when someone you love and care for passes, can be a catalyst for change. Seeing and experiencing the direct connection betwen how lifestyle and choices influence long term health can be a driver for change. 

Learning to nourish yourself in new ways helps broaden your perspective and deepens your path to longterm health.

There are many ways to support yourself throughout your life, try something new. If it resonates keep it, if not, throw it out!

Thank you for listening,

Much love,

Alec Hurley

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