Intuition. How to honor your gut feeling.

What is your gut feeling telling you?

We are always being guided and we all experience intuition throughout our life. In a sense, it is our ability tomake well informed decisions. That is through the information coming through our body and how well we are able to discern and process that information.

Lifestyle contributes to your connection with your intuition. Do you give yourself time to listen, trust and take action?

The gut has a stron connection with your ability to saty centered and to respond rather than react. The gut brain axis influences your central nervous system and therefore influences your mental capacity and/or ability to make well informed decisions not influenced by eotions or habituated thoughts. 

– Feed your gut to thrive as asupporter of your choices. 

– Through feeding your gut, you create a symbiotic relationship with your gut and can then deepen the trust between the information coming through and the gut feelings the enteric nervous sstem is sending. 

Practice awareness of the different qualities of throughts, emotions and intutive insights, the senses of knowng beyond reason. Through meditation and reflection practices you can discern the subtle differences between all of these avenues of information. 

Practice, refine and repeat. 

Do it often and notice when your intuitive insights and actions are acurate. The more you notice and acknowledge truth and consistency, the trust can deepen and your gut can become your guide, your inner compass for navigating life!

Take care and much love to you,

Alec Hurley


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