Where are you spending your precious energy?


Values? What do you value?

Where are you spending your precious energy?

Time is valuable, we are limited each day with number of second we have. So are you really using them to create, express, connect, grow, uplift and support your yourself.

Are your actions of today supporting yourself of tommorow? Also your tribe for tomorrow?

Are your actions today supporting you for how you will show up for our tribe tomorrow?

I truly believe that when we are supporting ourselves we can then support others with a deeper degree of integrity, able to show up in our fullest way. Its the put your oxygen mask on first kinda concept.

Is money the thing keeping you fro beginning the new endeavor? Evaluate where you are spending in excess. Shopping, dining out, partying, over eating.

What do you value and how can your actions support you to stay aligned with your values.


Is time your thing keeping you from what you want to do? The feeling of always busy?

Evaluate where your excess time is going? Mindless social media scrolling, keeping up with tv series, nightly movies.

I find so much value in mentorship, coaching, and accountability partners.

Having to be in these rolls myself I need to have a standard for myself and be deeply integrated with what I value and why I value it.

Its the idea of an unhealthy doctor. Are they practicing what they are teaching and doing for others? If not how do they relate how other than reciting protocols from a book?

Teaching is much more powerful when it is taught from a place of integrated experience, whether that is yoga, wellness coaching, surfing, meditation.

So what are your three top values?

and are your current lifestyle choices in alignment with those values?

Do you want to connect and reflect those values? Free wellness workshop that is what we do there. It is a good place to begin the path to deeper alignment deeper integrity.

I hope you have fun exploring what it is you value.


Thank you for listening,


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