This is one of the topics I have been working on for years now. Through many errors, back stepping and cross stepping, I have found that it is possible to find the balance between all areas of your life.

Happiness is something we all crave. So what does it take?

Lets begin with the trance. I know you want to feel good and you want to do good during your life. Who doesn’t? However, we all get caught up in the trance of life. When you take the time get still and presence yourself within, you can see and feel that we all have the basics for goodness within. This is the tenderness, the freshness, the awareness within the heart that resides below the ripples of the mind.

What are the ripples? The ripples are nothing more than distorted  fragments of reality with each passing thought and emotion. These can activate different lenses in which we see the world. Distorting your world to meet the expectation of the thought or emotion. These ripples are the trance. The constant flux of change that become so hard to adapt to.

Behind the trance, or even better put below the ripples of the mind is the goodness within. The easily flowing water below the surface. The waters below aren’t so disturbed by the ripples above. This goodness is our true nature, the buddha mind within each of us. This is the unchanging awareness behind it all. This awareness knows the answers to al the questions you ask in any moment.

So is it possible to connect with this goodness and how does this become blocked?

Challenges of life cause us to cover this innate goodness. Its an egoic protective layer to stay comfortable. These are only clothes, protecting us from expressing the truth within.

So what will it take to experience true happiness all or even most of the time?

I believe it starts with these few questions from a book by Gay hendricks titled, “The Big Leap”. And it goes like this.

Am i willing to extend the amount of time i spend each day feeling good and satisfied?

Feeling good is your natural state. Your natural sense of wellbeing not influenced by outside factors. This is the innate goodness that resides within your heart’s field.

Am I willing to increase the amount of time that my whole life goes well?

Work relationships, creative outlets, this is the idea from yoga of a sattvic approach. Not too much and not too little. The willingness to take action and rest when needed. The art of creating an easeful life experience so things just seem to happen effortlessly.

I connect everything to digestion because it really is your ability to process and move on, not attaching to the easy or difficult but accepting them and continuing on. Just like you eat and you digest. You receive and then you process. It is the pulsation of nourishment and integration. How much nourishment are you willing to receive? And how can that nourishment open your capacity to receive more? The more you are open to receive, the more you have to give and share. 

Am I willing to feel good and experience ease all of the time?

No it’s not just wishful thinking. It is really opening yourself to receive the fullest amount of beauty from the natural world. This world is nourishing if…… you allow yourself to receive the nourishment.

This is the practice of going beyond what you believe is possible. Challenging your believed limitations. Opening up to the expansive unbound possibilities that are available to those willing to experience them.

The willingness for things to go well and feel good is not a safety hazard to you or anyone else. Yet its a very courageous act because it challenges you to break through your beliefs, tendencies and connects you deeply to your imagination.

How can we relate to this? 

Look at space travel. It is now possible to buy a ticket and get onboard. This would have been inconceivable to our ancestors, just as they were stuck in the survival mechanisms of the brain. This was due to their environment and need to survive. But were not just surviving anymore, we aren’t stuck foraging for food and using the valuable energy keeping warm.

If we even think that we believe it is possible, then we owe it to not only ourselves, but to our ancestors, friends, family and our shared world to try it out.  It is coming back and connecting to the explorers mindset and opening yourself up to even the possibilities. Being curious about the tendencies of the mind. As they come up notice them, love them and move on. This tends to shut them down after being held up and loved to its fullest capacity.

So, how willing are you to experience life to it’s fullest?

Try it for one day. Open your mind and connect with the willingness for receptivity. The openness to receive the support from the supportive and nourishing universe we are all connected to. Remember, curiosity for the possibilities and gratitude for the gifts of the natural world.

If you are curious about what is possible for you click here! This free workshop will be a discovery session for the possibilities you crave and how to experience happiness most of the time.


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Published by Alec Hurley

Alec Hurley is a Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher in the San Diego area and a life long surfer. He is the founder of Higher Self Wellness and an avid practitioner of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices which he infuses into his public yoga classes and group program “The Art of Connection”. He is professionally trained as a Chef and incorporates the ancient wisdom of “food as medicine” into his culinary creations. Alec infuses the practices of personal and planetary alignment into his modern healthy lifestyle toolkit to help shift the collective into deeper states of connection.

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