Your guide for restoring vibrant health and inner beauty this spring.

You always know exactly what you need in each moment. You know exactly what it takes to nourish yourself on every level. No body knows your body better than you.

Your body is encoded with wisdom, you have access to guidance, a sense of knowing which the mystics have been teaching and speaking about for millennia. So how do you get in touch with this wisdom? How do you nourish yourself in every moment? How do you honor and listen to the guidance?

It begins with connecting to your body’s wisdom. Feeling your breath and feeling your heartbeat are great ways to connect. By listening to the whispers coming through your heart and the sensation your body speaks to you in insights come through. You now the answers to the questions you ask, you only need to listen and trust.

Our troubles and diseases today are a reflection of our lost connection to this inner wisdom, and we can change that. With deep listening comes deep teachings and the opportunity to learn the language of your body. This is pivotal for beginning to collaborate with your body rather than pushing and fighting. Through this collaboration you may find a new approach. You may find that through your devotion to give yourself what it is that you need in every moment, you feel loved and nourished on many levels of your being. This is a deeply empowering state. The state of embodiment guides you through the choices you make with ease, with grace and gives you the confidence to let your inner beauty shine.

Inner Beauty & Vibrant Health

During the Equinox the energy is high and the veils to our subtle world are open. It is a great time to be practicing inner reflection of the winter. Through the inner work we digest the density of winter, assimilate the experiences and process the lessons learned.

Just like me, I know you want to enter Spring and Summer feeling lighter, energized and deeply empowered! Who doesn’t? But often our practices of self care and internal work are brushed aside due to demanding life circumstance and lifestyle choices. And it does not have to be that way. Aaahhh…..

With a little time spent with yourself a lot can shift. This transition from winter into spring is very sporadic; times of warmth and times of chill will be coming through, so it helps to honor this time of transition as such. This can be reflected in our mind and emotions, as we are exiting a cycle of the annual calendar the sporadic nature of this change affects everything. So give yourself the permission to honor how you feel in the moment. Be kind to your body, your mind and connect to your spirit often!

Are you ready to detox your body and your mind?

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