The nonexistent destination of a desired experience.

Trust me, it’s not as depressing as it sounds. To me it is quite uplifting and relieves a great deal of weight from my shoulders. It is so easy to get caught up in the go, go, go mentality and to always be producing something. Can you relate?

What I am pointing at here is a path, a journey that the choices we as an individual make every moment and how they are headed in a direction. But where is this direction pointing you ask? That is up to you to find out.

My journey begins with a few questions.

What do I value?

As a human who is evolving just like everyone else on this planet, I find this a powerful place to begin. What is it that I find value in? Relationships and connectivity are huge and very supportive, but what about time to myself? What about time to ponder and let the mind run wild? Daydreaming is something I find indispensable for people wanting to ignite their creativity. Oh yea, I find a lot of value in meditation. The time spent reflecting ones’ life and all of the situations is very powerful when it comes to integrating the lessons learned and digesting the experiences behind the lesson.

What turns on my creativity?

This is a hot topic in the field of personal development because it has the potential to connect us to a deep part of ourself. A part of us often times hidden and covered by our beliefs and traumas, small and large. To me creativity is the authentic expressive quality each of us has. What turns it on for me is rhythm. When open and flowing with the rhythm of my environment the creative impulses tend to bloom.

Where am I supported? And by whom?

This is the next step after understanding what turns on my creativity because I can identify where my creativity will be received. Not to prevent it in any way but when your peeps are open to receive or even just hold a container for your creativity to be released and expressed… dang thats powerful. Don’t take it personally, but this is why I am very selective for where and who I spend my time and energy with. I dare you to set some boundaries!

Who and/or what brings me joy?

It has a lot to do with the people we spend our time with and how supportive they are of our journey and how we reflect it back to them. I find joy in the little things by entering a state of bewilderment. Experiencing a hug or the presence of a loved one. Finding awe in the flowers blooming or the scent of peeling a grapefruit. What is it for you?

So back to the nonexistent destination of a desired experience.

How do you want to experience life? Are you making conscious choices which align to this state? These questions are great reminders for us to hold the wand of our destiny. This wand is activated by bringing awareness to each passing moment, as each moment passes we can point the wand in the direction of our desired experiences.

So in reality there is no destination we will arrive at, it is a constant evolution of matter and form into different degrees of density. It is really up to us to create our life with each passing choice point. We can choose to orient our life from a place of heart centered love and appreciation aligned with our core values, or we can be yanked around like puppets acting out what others want us to do.

My main message here is a reminder for myself to stay aligned with my values. To not let my desired state of experience be changed by the actions and beliefs of others. It is so easy to be influenced in ways which change our mind and ultimately change the way we show up in the world. So make sure it is truly you that is showing up and not an imprint of someone else. I practice this by connecting to my heart throughout the day. Performing body check-ins whenever I notice my mind has been indecisive or contracted.

The more time we can be in an expansive state of heart centered  presence, the more we can uplift our world and help others do the same. I feel like this is the “destination” of our collective experience. That to co-create a container for the whole planet to evolve together.


Much Love,


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