Meditation, a practice to find balance and reduce stress.

Our world is very stimulating. And too much stimulation can cause stress on many layers of our body. With the sticky-ness of technology today the instant gratification received from the touch of a finger is overloading our mental body. Overstimulation is becoming the new normal and this is leading to increases of stress and stress induced dis-ease.

More and more we are recognizing the health benefits of taking a break. We see the value of quiet time, we know the benefits of a focused mind and we feel the power of cultivating a peaceful heart. Meditation is here to help free of charge.

Meditation does many things for us. But interestingly it stimulates the brain in different ways. These different activations are what allow our mind to relax from the normal overstimulation. In a sense, it allows the mind to decompress. When we are in this state of decompression, this state of mental ease, we can invite questions about what we truly need to maintain a balanced life.

How do we know what is stressing us out if we don’t look? Observation is a core component of meditation. Through steady observation comes awareness. Awareness is likened to turning on a light. Essentially what meditation does is open up our capacity to see what our busy overstimulated mind cannot. Though observation we can become aware of the influences upon us. This is monumental for reducing the stressors in our life.

Through observation we also bring the light of awareness to the tendencies of the mind. We can see our tendencies, habits and patterns in all the limbs of our life. The more aware we become of these tendencies, the more power we have to shift and align them to our hearts desire. We can choose where we want to spend our precious mental energy and where do not.

The practice of meditation is challenging at first, but thats just the nature of doing new things. Just as great musicians practice, we must practice training our mind and turning on the light of awareness. Over time we do build up a momentum. And when this momentum begins to carry over into our life, things just get easier. Our choices become more conscious and we enter our life with more presence.  What better gift to offer the world than your own presence.

Do you want to meditate with me?

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