What do your New Year Dreams look like and how do they make you feel?

What are your biggest dreams?

I know its the season of festivities and holidays but it is also the time to reflect back on the past year. Taking note of the accomplishments along with the failures. Its through our failures where we can switch our view and re-enter with a fresh approach, new vision and orientation.

Its easy for me to get caught up in the distress of life and forget about the huge shifts I have made over the past year, with the amount of challenges we all face today it’s so powerful to have a practice to come back to, to help ground, reconnect and focus on the good that we see in the world and the good we are co-creating.

Reflecting back on 2017 I see how much momentum I have created in the direction of offering my services in new unique ways. I came to realize how much I enjoy dancing and ecstatic movements as a way to connect to my body. I embraced the practice of pushing my own boundaries and how riding the edges of my comfort zones has helped me step into the new identity I am becoming more vulnerably and confidently. I have a sense now of what that looks like even though I know its a constant evolution with no end state.

So I ask you, what has your year looked like and how have you changed? Reflecting on the challenges you have faced in 2017, how have they shaped you and your perspective of your life? What powerful lessons are hidden behind those challenges? In what direction are you headed now based on the choices you made over the past year? And then ask yourself,

How deeply do I want to Thrive in 2018?

Start with identifying how you really desire to feel physically, mentally and spiritually, keeping it in an easily attainable scope. Then set an intention for how you desire to experience life.

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Spiritual Reboot to Vibrant Health
January 5, 2018

My heart is here in the driver seat of this bus ready for anyone interested in up-leveling their existence to join the adventure. This isn’t your average bus ride, its a bus filled with like minded people ready for an explorative adventure into  adopting deeper states of personal and cosmic Thrive!

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