7 tips for thriving through the holidays

The holidays are approaching!

This time of year its easy to become overwhelmed, that is unless you strategize, choosing to keep strong healthy routines creating a momentum orienting you towards a state of thrive.

If you are interested in not just surviving this holiday season but exiting with the same Thriving momentum you entered with, then here are my 7 tips for keeping peace of body, mind and spirit during this fun time of year. Making the right choices will keep you feeling on top of your game so empower yourself with these simple tips and invite a sense of ease this season, drop the need for perfection and enjoy the little details!



Here are the 7 tips

  • For a peaceful mind, Drop the need for perfection ( the next steps will help this fall into place when the waters get rough)
  • Dont over schedule yourself, enjoy the down time.
  • If you do drink alcohol, discontinue at least 3 hours before bed ( again, sleep is important)
  • Keep a consistent morning routine (this sets the trajectory for the day)
  • Stay consistent with your movement/yoga practice ( 5 minutes is better than none)
  • Eat slowly to prevent overeating
  • Come back to gratitude

So a big take away from this is to remember the importance of rest.

Invite a sense of ease, gratitude is antidote for stress and anxiety.


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