Habits for Vibrant Health 3

Rise and Shine There are many reasons to wake up and get going in the morning so this is a focus on the connection to the unseen (but deeply felt) layers of ourselves and the reasons for awakening with intention. Right away if you have not read the previous two blogs on this adventure into … Continue reading Habits for Vibrant Health 3

Habits for Vibrant Health

  This is about understanding our bodies digestion through the lens of Ayurveda. It s such a fundamental process which when out of sync has the potential to cause many levels of dis-ease through our lives and on the opposite, when its working properly it has the potential to create a more easeful experience. From … Continue reading Habits for Vibrant Health

Seasonal eating fundamentals

part 2, Regional Awakening Without a doubt its almost impossible to limit your foods to only those from your neighborhood especially when we are living in an urban environment, but that doesn't mean we have to disregard this practice of eating local completely. It starts with awareness. Through the agricultural and industrial revolution we have … Continue reading Seasonal eating fundamentals

Kombucha Recipe

Bubbly, tangy, delicious kombucha. If you are not familiar with this beverage, start your exploration here at¬†Kombucha Kamp.¬†If you are familiar with the beverage then welcome back. This is a short tutorial on the process of brewing and flavoring this beverage based on my experience and explorations of recipes. Its very easy to do and … Continue reading Kombucha Recipe