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Trilogy Community Circle

Have you ever wondered if someone else has had a similar experience in their yoga practice? Have you ever had a question during your yoga practice and not had the chance to ask? This Community circle will be the safe space to invite these questions. Together we will be co creating a dynamic group to explore topics, inviting Q & A , and most importantly having fun.

There is so much more to our yoga practice once we leave our mat. For the new practitioner or the experienced teacher, everyone has questions and will benefit from sharing their experiences. By sharing or even just listening to others, we allow the practice to integrate and we set the stage for the next step in our spiritual evolution.

Connection and community are so vital for our health and wellbeing and science is showing how we evolve faster when we are part of a group. The Community Circle will open with a short grounding meditation followed by brief theme description and discussion leading up to sharing and open Q & A.

For more details check out Trilogy Sanctuary

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