What is Reality

the ineffable mysteries How do we explain something we cannot perceive with our five senses? Have you ever had an experience you could not put into words? Take the sound of silence, the visuals behind our closed eyes or even our dreams. Our senses when seen as tools, which is really what they are, have … Continue reading What is Reality

Seasonal Eating Fundamentals

Part 1 Seasonality Here begins an exploration of a topic which impacts everyone around the globe on many levels. I'm sure most of us are curious about these movements towards the simple idea of eating with the seasons and sourcing from local as possible and it makes sense why they are gaining traction. When we … Continue reading Seasonal Eating Fundamentals

Attention part 3, The Foot!

  Our feet are very complex pieces of our body and are essential to our means of traversing the planet. The feet are the bottom of the totem pole creating the foundation for our balance, stability, and mobility though our lives, which are huge factors influencing our life and experiences. Each foot including the ankle … Continue reading Attention part 3, The Foot!