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You may notice an underlying theme among all the ideas I share here. This theme is something I have slowly integrated into my life and explore daily, it’s the theme of simplicity and connecting with my current ecosystem. I have always found peace through surfing, outside play and being in the ocean so it was intuitive for me to begin to focus on this. Just as the tide comes in and goes out, playing on a seesaw also relates to the ebb and flow of nature, showing how it takes an understanding of both sides to create balance and ease in our lives.

This daily unplugging, as in quiet time away from distraction or interruption each day is a necessity. Sounds simple right? By unplugging and entering this state of inquiry we can connect to ourselves more deeply feeling an internal sense of who we are. With the practice of personal inquiry we can explore our values and desires we may not have previously been aware of. Is there a sleeping desire within me? What do I desire? Where are the desires resting dormant? What do I value the most? What can I let go of? Am I taking life too seriously?

Even if we understand the answers on a certain level and can’t put them into words, the power of facilitating this inquiry practice with the time spent unplugged is often enough to feel more at ease though life. Its a very common question to ask what we think our purpose may be in life and understanding the different layers of what we value may help us gain a sense of this.

It seems paradoxical that when we quiet the mind we begin to hear a deeper conversation, but tuning into what we feel and asking the questions invites a greater sensitivity to the deeper internal dialogue. What happens when we allow ourselves to let go of our own expectations of who we think we should or should not be and acknowledge who we desire to be or who we are becoming.

I know when I don’t facilitate this time of personal inquiry for myself, I feel more and more distant from the path of purpose, a deeper sense of discontentment and so comes the patterns of destructive thoughts and behaviors. So create a quiet time to reflect and ask the questions. Take time off and explore, even if its walking in the park, on the beach, traveling somewhere new or somewhere you enjoy and remember to have fun!


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