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michael-podger-32058What does it feel like to thrive? Watching the flowers bloom this time of year they make it seem so effortless. As if they are tapped into the source of unseen nourishment. The flow. So is it the effort they put into it or the participation of the bigger picture. After all, how much effort does a flower really put out?

Unlike a flower, we to a degree have choices which have the potential to influence our opportunity to enter this unseen flow. It’s becoming a participant of life rather than a spectator. Engaging and interacting with the environment around us through nourishment and play.

Since the turn of this new year I started a program called Body Thrive. Cate Stillman who is a longtime Ayurveda practitioner wrote the book Body Thrive, founded, Yoga Healer Podcast and Yoga Health Coaching among many other great programs designed to bring people into a state of thrive. The basis of this program is very simple yet because of the modern disconnect to our daily rhythms, adopting these habits show nothing less than dramatic results.

Eventually I will go into greater detail about the shifts which have occurred since starting each of these habits, but my keystone habit has been eating earlier and lighter dinners. This is the first step in the program as its sets the stage for the others to fall into place. The first habit has changed slightly for me as the days become longer and activity levels ebb and flow however the fundamental idea of eating my heaviest meals during the peak hours of the day stays strong. A few years ago this would seem like crazy talk to me but with empirical learning it’s now a way of life.

For myself its the simplicity of daily rhythms and being in tune with the physical nature of being alive. When I’m in flow with these pulsations, a sense of ease begins to take the wheel steering me towards thrive. From the application of simple daily habits and my personal experience of living these time-tested routines, I see that ease is usually within reach. Its a life-long journey and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.

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