Attention part 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.42.53 PMBodily awareness is a key component to understanding longevity and adapting to the environment. If something is physically uncomfortable we will instinctually alter something to a degree which then makes it more comfortable. Take hunger for an example. Chemicals and hormones being manufactured by us to signal the need of specific nutrients, then we eat creating different chemical reactions supplying us with these needed nutrients which should leave us feeling satiated. But how about structural bodily awareness and understanding the major supporting structures making it easier to walk upright and tall?

Our bodies are complex machines with amazing capabilities as long as we pay attention to the fundamentals needed to support them. That being said, take a look at the structure of a healthy adult human spine. Through evolution, the spine has been perfected when it comes to supporting an upright position. That is to say, when we understand it’s biomechanics and what it needs to continue this much needed support. But how often do we find ourselves hunched over the desk, counter, computer, phone, steering wheel, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, dinner table, you get the point. We seem to easily forget how well our spine supports us when we support what its meant to do.

So how balanced is our posture we carry our self with through the day. Is there overcompensation at point A from a lack of integrity in point B? Similarly to our mind, our muscles and physics structure hold a template for our reoccurring movements and familiar positions. These patterns are imbedded throughout our entire physical existence and over time, they can degrade without proper training, upgrading and retraining the upgrade. How attentive are we to feeling or posture? How deeply do we feel the supporting structures of our skeleton and how could we make it easier?

A few simple tips,

  1. Take a walk looking up rather than down. Something more interesting may catch your interest along with a healthier spine.
  2. Take two minutes in the day to lift the arms over head and receive a few deep breaths.
  3. Three times per day, touch the ground then reach for the sky.


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