The Morning Connection

So we know this technology isn't going anywhere anytime soon and why should it, there are unquestionable powers behind this instant accessibility to the internet and all that it contains. With only a few touches of our finger tips on a screen we can access what seems like endless amounts of information and stimulus. The … Continue reading The Morning Connection

Habits for Living part 2

How often do we change our routines? How often are we aware of our routines? The mundane tasks, thoughts and even complex movements we do without conscious awareness are scattered throughout the day. We may know on some level that everyday is a new day to create something new, but with old outdated habits and … Continue reading Habits for Living part 2

Lusciously creamy berry jello recipe

Spring is in full swing and so are the tasty berries in Southern California. With these fresh and local berries being high in flavor and lower in sugar than other popular fruits they have been a go to for my recent kitchen exploration. Possibly one of the easiest recipes I've been playing around with which … Continue reading Lusciously creamy berry jello recipe

Personal Time Off

You may notice an underlying theme among all the ideas I share here. This theme is something I have slowly integrated into my life and explore daily, it's the theme of simplicity and connecting with my current ecosystem. I have always found peace through surfing, outside play and being in the ocean so it was … Continue reading Personal Time Off

All I need is..

What does it feel like to thrive? Watching the flowers bloom this time of year they make it seem so effortless. As if they are tapped into the source of unseen nourishment. The flow. So is it the effort they put into it or the participation of the bigger picture. After all, how much effort … Continue reading All I need is..

Transending the transactional shit!

What is personal value or even self worth? I know that money doesn't represent who we are, but on some level I believe it reflects the flow of a specific energy and frequency. Im not saying that each of us has a dollar amount which signifies our existence and living worth, but how much do … Continue reading Transending the transactional shit!

Attention part 2

Bodily awareness is a key component to understanding longevity and adapting to the environment. If something is physically uncomfortable we will instinctually alter something to a degree which then makes it more comfortable. Take hunger for an example. Chemicals and hormones being manufactured by us to signal the need of specific nutrients, then we eat … Continue reading Attention part 2