Bon Voyage

Is it possible to fully appreciate everything we have without seeing what we don’t have? In general, this desire to explore has been a powerful tool for me to see how much I have and how grateful I am for it. With how easy it is in today’s modern life to go from A to B, I can’t recommend it enough. 

As an infant I was blessed with being dragged along with my siblings and parents to visit extended family and friends across the Atlantic and Pacific. As I look back now, I understand the dedication my parents had and the work it took bringing three kids along with them along the way. 

Since then, most of my travels have been focused mainly around surfing and seeking out tropical destinations with a stronger exchange rate to make my saved dollar last longer. The feeling I get when I think of experiencing different cultures, landscapes, becoming extremely ill and trying all the delicious food these places and people have to offer gives me a sense of how fragile life really is. I believe knowing how fast things can change will give us the opportunity to fully digest and appreciate the people we surround ourselves with and whats going on around us. 

This desire for movement has opened up many doors for opportunities, different perspectives and has allowed me to see that it’s not as scary and dangerous out there as some people would like us to believe. 

I have noticed there are similarities around the globe. Mostly when we limit destinations to highly trafficked and popular areas, but even staying in smaller towns I see we are all just striving to live a happy life. Break out every so often, see a new place and meet some new people. It’s worth it!

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