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It was traveling to Indonesia in 2010 that put on the path to understanding my health. I became very ill just before returning home and continued this illness for weeks there after. I went to see a doctor and five minutes later I was told I had the flu. But I didn’t believe it was the flu, and this was when I saw that it’s up to me to be in control of own biology and health.

I was in a very fragile state. I lost over ten pounds of functional body weight during this time. I was barely able to eat even the most basic food and even water was difficult to hold down. So I began to research stomach bugs, parasites and anything that could possibly be inside me causing this imbalance. That led me to delve into herbs and the effectiveness they can have on creating an internal environment not suitable for the intruders.

About two weeks into this extremely uncomfortable situation I was still unfit to return to work. So I purchased some clove, wormwood, black walnut, ginger and garlic  and declared control over my biology. Almost immediately I noticed a war going on internally. It wasn’t long before the intruders began to loose their grip on my systems.

I’ll leave the unpleasant description of what happened over the next few days to your imagination but I started feeling much better. Since then my gut biome has never been the same and Ive been on a daily  journey to keep the balance inside and outside of my body. I’ve become much more sensitive to how i respond to certain foods.

Even today looking back I’m a different person. I am  grateful for that experience and for the trajectory it put me on. Empirical knowledge is available to us everyday, if we get out there and breakthrough the comfort zone. We just might learn something.

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