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When we begin to detoxify ourselves we begin to heighten our sensitivity.

The same goes for when we heighten our sensitivity we can detox in a more integrating way.

We become less tolerant to the toxins which we adapted to carry along with us. We begin to notice subtle sensations of how our bodies react not only to food, but to emotional toxins as well. It’s not that we become weaker. It’s actually the opposite. Our cells begin functioning better and repairing themselves faster.

We can notice basics such as when we don’t get enough sleep or don’t drink enough water. The same goes for when we do meet those physical needs when we notice our mental clarity and focus along with energy to move our bodies.

With this perspective, we can begin to break the old habits keeping us from our next phase or step in our own evolution. We can choose to stay on the same path of repetition, which can be the easier way, or choose to upgrade the choices we make. The upgraded choices may be much different than we are adapted to, however with the larger picture of how we want to live is in our mind, it will guide us to a more easeful way of life.

This is the way I choose, kaizen.

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