Spring Cleaning


Now is the time to be planting the seeds for rejuvenation this spring. This sense of recreating ourselves with these new seeds we are planting and setting the bar for ourselves and how we want to experience life.

When was the last time the junk drawer in the kitchen was cleaned or old clothes were donated. On deeper levels, when was he last time your digestive system and elimination organs were cared for and strategically cleaned. This brings up the phrase “junk in the trunk”  when we look at it from this perspective. We know to change the oil in our cars, but do we understand the fluids inside ourselves and how to maintain them?

When we don’t do this personalized cleaning every so often, preferable seasonally, things become stagnant. And when movement slows down, as it tends to do in the winter, we can begin to hold onto more than we need. But when we do allow this deeper cleaning and movement of the stagnant gunk inside of us to take place, the seeds of rejuvenation we plant have better and cleaner grounds to grow.

Sometimes, depending on the level of internal stagnation and build up, Its not as much about the act of cleaning and purifying as it is about the acts of allowing and letting go. Allowing the body to run its processes of cleaning, letting go of the unneeded and burning up the unused. This opens up pathways, internal and external to allow the growth of these seeds and full expression of ourselves. By letting go we discontinue dragging our old beliefs, patterns and habits along with us.

The room for growth is typically occupied by junk or old outdated stuff. By letting go of this stuff and moving it along, we begin the next phase of us stepping deeper into our own integrity. This sense of recreating ourselves with these new seeds we are planting. Past the self judgement and into self mastery. Past the day to day habits and into experimenting with new behaviors to become who we really are.

easy living

When we begin to detoxify ourselves we begin to heighten our sensitivity.

The same goes for when we heighten our sensitivity we can detox in a more integrating way.

We become less tolerant to the toxins which we adapted to carry along with us. We begin to notice subtle sensations of how our bodies react not only to food, but to emotional toxins as well. It’s not that we become weaker. It’s actually the opposite. Our cells begin functioning better and repairing themselves faster.

We can notice basics such as when we don’t get enough sleep or don’t drink enough water. The same goes for when we do meet those physical needs when we notice our mental clarity and focus along with energy to move our bodies.

With this perspective, we can begin to break the old habits keeping us from our next phase or step in our own evolution. We can choose to stay on the same path of repetition, which can be the easier way, or choose to upgrade the choices we make. The upgraded choices may be much different than we are adapted to, however with the larger picture of how we want to live is in our mind, it will guide us to a more easeful way of life.

This is the way I choose, kaizen.

Living Calmly

Living Calmly

“Maintaining serenity regardless of what is taking place around you. The true masters ability to stay calm always comes from within. 
From this perspective there’s no need to assign responsibility to others for how you feel. Even though we live in a world where blame and fault finding are endemic, we know our state or circumstances don’t determine our inner calm.
Self mastery only blossoms when we practice being aware of and responsible for what we are feeling. ”

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Dr. Wayne Dyer