Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to be planting the seeds for rejuvenation this spring. This sense of recreating ourselves with these new seeds we are planting and setting the bar for ourselves and how we want to experience life. When was the last time the junk drawer in the kitchen was cleaned or old clothes were [...]

easy living

When we begin to detoxify ourselves we begin to heighten our sensitivity. The same goes for when we heighten our sensitivity we can detox in a more integrating way. We become less tolerant to the toxins which we adapted to carry along with us. We begin to notice subtle sensations of how our bodies react [...]

Living Calmly

Living Calmly

"Maintaining serenity regardless of what is taking place around you. The true masters ability to stay calm always comes from within.  From this perspective there's no need to assign responsibility to others for how you feel. Even though we live in a world where blame and fault finding are endemic, we know our state or [...]