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rachael-gorjestani-154907Hunger is a very simple signal in the body. It is our body telling us we need nutrients for certain functions. There are different stages of hunger and it is also shaped by how sensitive the body is and how it uses food for energy.

Fasting can help tame the beast. When we take a break from eating, we strengthen the grip on our mind and emotional health. We strengthen our will power and and ultimately gain better control over our physical health. We become more sensitive to our bodies and can understand where cravings are coming from or what the craving are really telling us.

These breaks from eating can help bring balance into many parts of our lives. We then begin to recognize the habitual patterns of overeating and/or emotional eating. In the end this gives us more control over our choice to respond rather reacting. More control over the choices we make to fuel ourselves.

With more control, we use less energy fighting the urges and at the end of the day are left with more energy. What is more important than more energy to enjoy life?

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