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rachael-gorjestani-154907Hunger is a very simple signal in the body. It is our body telling us we need nutrients for certain functions. There are different stages of hunger and it is also shaped by how sensitive the body is and how it uses food for energy.

Fasting can help tame the beast. When we take a break from eating, we strengthen the grip on our mind and emotional health. We strengthen our will power and and ultimately gain better control over our physical health. We become more sensitive to our bodies and can understand where cravings are coming from or what the craving are really telling us.

These breaks from eating can help bring balance into many parts of our lives. We then begin to recognize the habitual patterns of overeating and/or emotional eating. In the end this gives us more control over our choice to respond rather reacting. More control over the choices we make to fuel ourselves.

With more control, we use less energy fighting the urges and at the end of the day are left with more energy. What is more important than more energy to enjoy life?

Golden Milky Love 

Golden Milky Love 

Turmeric is undoubtedly a powerful superfood when it comes to the broad range of heath benefits on the body. From mental to physical performance, there are very few things it doesn’t help with on some level of our bodies operating system.
The point being, it’s good for you. However, what it is combined with may promote deeper absorption of the powerful compounds we are after in this root. The two biggest influences on this process is a quality fat and a compound from black pepper called piperine.
Traditional fat used is ghee, also known as clarified butter. The spices are toasted in the ghee to release aromas and lessen the bitterness from the turmeric. Other aromatic spices are added such as cardamom and cinnamon. Both of which aid in digestion and bring together a soothing blend for relaxing the whole body.
Golden milk recipe

First step make a turmeric paste.

* mix together 1/2 cup of turmeric powder, 1 cup of water

* Cool together over medium low heat for 10 minutes

* Add 1 1/2 tsp black pepper and 5 Tbs of coconut oil.

* Cook additional 1 minute then cool. Store it in the refrigerator.
Golden milk ingredients

Golden Milk Recipe


* 1/4 tsp turmeric paste

* 1 Tbs fat (ghee, Brain Octane oil or coconut oil)

* 1 cup milk of your choice

* 1/4 tsp cinnamon

* 1/4 tsp cardamom

* Your favorite local honey to taste


* On low heat toast the turmeric paste, cinnamon and cardamom in the ghee until very aromatic. About 2 minutes.

* Add the milk and stir until well combined

* When it’s warm it’s ready

* Add honey to taste and enjoy

Sprouted Grains

Sprouted Grains

Grains and beans are amongst the most common food in our modern age. And apparently it’s the diversity or “culture” making up our micro-biome ( bacteria making up most of our physical bodies ) which affect how well we absorb or break down these foods. However, there are different and potentially better ways to consume them. 
 These dense foods are basically inedible raw. Unless we unlock this unseen door to “nutrition town”, we are unable to access this broad range of potential nutrients waiting for us in the other side. Here is where ancient wisdom and understandings of nature come into play. 
Sprouting, just as if the grain/bean were to be planted in the ground, unlocks the available nutrients to us. This process deactivates the protective compounds and activates the easier to digest enzymes creating a food we can now eat raw. 

Use any whole undamaged grain or bean such as oat, wheat, buckwheat, barley, einkorn, farro, mung bean, lentil, pea etc. 
Start with 1/2 cup of your chosen grain


1. Rinse the grains well in a fine strainer. 

2. Place rinsed grains in a container and soak them covered with water for 6 hours. 

3. Drain and rinse again. 

4. Place the drained grains back in the container and cover with cheese cloth or mesh lid so they can breath. 

5. Rinse the grains once a day and return them back to the container. 

6. They are ready when you notice a root beginning to sprout from the grain.

7. Eat them while fresh and active. Store in the refrigerator for a couple of days. 

Navigation Insight

Navigation Insight

When we waste our life with the thought of thinking that we need an answer, we have created a disservice to our whole potential experience here.
Understanding we are not alone in the complex situations through life will bring lightness to even the darkest times. We can use this understanding not to compare ourselves to the others in similar scenarios but to reflect on how we enter the scenario. Reflect on what qualities we bring to the situation.
Through this understanding, we can allow ourselves to grow into who we are becoming more gracefully. With deeper integration, embodying the next level our being. 🙏

Essential Toothpaste 

Essential Toothpaste 

Tooth paste these days are loaded with chemicals. These chemicals are controversial as far as their true toxicity, and the evidence seems to favor whichever side of the argument you support. So my suggestion, make your own! 

Essential oils can have a powerful effect on your oral health. They promote a good balance of healthy bacteria while preventing bad breath and other oral bacterial imbalances. 

It’s very easy, affordable and chances are you may have one or two of the ingredients already on hand. So give it a try and play around with the recipe to suit your preference. 

4 Tbs coconut oil

2 Tbs baking soda 

30 drops essential oil
Suggested essential oil blends. Use your favorites or try these great combinations. 
1. Peppermint, cinnamon, clove

2. Thyme, peppermint, rosemary

3. Frankincense, myrrh, oregano