Golden Milky Love 

Turmeric is undoubtedly a powerful superfood when it comes to the broad range of heath benefits on the body. From mental to physical performance, there are very few things it doesn't help with on some level of our bodies operating system. The point being, it's good for you. However, what it is combined with may … Continue reading Golden Milky Love 

Sprouted Grains

Grains and beans are amongst the most common food in our modern age. And apparently it's the diversity or "culture" making up our micro-biome ( bacteria making up most of our physical bodies ) which affect how well we absorb or break down these foods. However, there are different and potentially better ways to consume … Continue reading Sprouted Grains

Essential Toothpaste 

Tooth paste these days are loaded with chemicals. These chemicals are controversial as far as their true toxicity, and the evidence seems to favor whichever side of the argument you support. So my suggestion, make your own!  Essential oils can have a powerful effect on your oral health. They promote a good balance of healthy … Continue reading Essential Toothpaste