Freedom and Ecstatic States


What Is freedom to you? Is it achievable? If so, then how?

Freedom is a complex idea which is influenced by many things, I am focusing on the nervous system and our way of perceiving the physical state.

So how free are you? Do you hold yourself back from being your truest self? From my own experience our minds are what keep us confined, keep us in the same patterns of comfort and habit.

And from these parts we see the situation and instinctually begin to analyze for safety and security of ourselves. However, from these parts, freedom becomes a situational choice. This is the point when we can choose to allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and explore, pushing the boundaries of what we believe to be safe and secure.

It’s these points of choice that contain the power to bring us into ecstatic states. States of release and freedom to express our limitless nature seeing beyond our current beliefs. Out of our minds and into our hearts.

These ecstatic states of freedom and joy are available in many forms whether through movement or stillness. When we choose to enter our limitless nature, we are free. Free from our beliefs and free from ourselves. We then have the ability to rewire our neural network and choose to experience the freedom within.
In Joy…

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