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It dates back about 2500 years. From ancient Chinese medicine to the first restaurants, bone broth undoubtedly has many benefits to the human physiology. Benefits so powerful making it nothing less of an incognito superfood.

The modern diet of most people on this planet has been wreaking havoc on our systems. From digestion to elimination, the processed foods so easily available to us are stripped of the nutrients we need to live a long and healthy life. Bone broth to the rescue? Maybe, especially with the gut healing collagen, gelatin, but also glycine and proline. These amino acids among others, are superstar compounds necessary for optimal health and play a large role in creating strong connective tissue and healthy joints.

My biggest concern here is the quality of the animals life and how it will reflect on the nutrient density of the final product. Using pastured and wild animals for your broths are ideal vs factory farmed / CAFO animals which never see the light of the outside world. The flavor, nourishing properties and energetic exchange from the food is in my opinion not comparable.

You will find home made broths to be much more flavorful than the packages and cans on the shelf at the supermarket. It can be less expensive to make your own as well as the potential to add your own flavorful herbs or other aromatics. Bone broth is great to drink by itself and is a great base for many of your favorite dishes. Get creative, have some fun and try a new way to incorporate this ancient culinary staple into your life.

Magical bone broth Recipe.

enough bones from healthy animals to fill you pot (pick bones that will fit in your cooking pot)
Filtered water
1 Tbs apple cider vinegar
1 Tbs aromatic herbs (optional)

For deeper end flavor, you may roast the bones in an oven at 350 for 30 minutes or until evenly browned on all sides

* Place bones in a pot or slow cooker
* Cover bones with filtered water
* Add vinegar
* Cook on low simmer
* 8-10 hours for poultry
* 10-24 hours for beef
* skim the top as necessary
* Add aromatics / herbs in the last 2 hours of cooking
* Strain and sip, cool it for later or use according to your favorite recipes.

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