Freedom and Ecstatic States

Freedom What Is freedom to you? Is it achievable? If so, then how? Freedom is a complex idea which is influenced by many things, I am focusing on the nervous system and our way of perceiving the physical state. So how free are you? Do you hold yourself back from being your truest self? From … Continue reading Freedom and Ecstatic States

Magic Elixir

It dates back about 2500 years. From ancient Chinese medicine to the first restaurants, bone broth undoubtedly has many benefits to the human physiology. Benefits so powerful making it nothing less of an incognito superfood. The modern diet of most people on this planet has been wreaking havoc on our systems. From digestion to elimination, … Continue reading Magic Elixir


This is my place to connect with you. My name is Alec and I am on the path to creating a fulfilling and enjoyable life. I'm a life long ¬†surfer and enjoy just about any activity in nature. Here at this site, sharing experiences, knowledge, ideas and wisdom are my main goals. It was when … Continue reading Connection