Ways to become a morning person


Are mornings a drag? Is it almost impossible to wake up with the sun without feeling lethargic and groggy ? Do you want to become a better morning person? . Simple tricks are often the case which transform the challenges into the next step or leap in your personal evolution.

There are other parts to this equation, such as timing of dinner the night before, what was consumed for dinner, bed time and so on. However, these tricks are what set the pace for the day. The practices when done consciously, guide us to a more stable foundation. These practices, which have now become my personal habits are what I have adopted to help myself thrive in the mornings.
1. Hydrate first thing. To say that you don’t have enough time hydrate is to say you don’t have enough time to be alive.

2. Dont immediately check electronic devices of any kind. Instead of intensely stimulating/stressing your eyes and brain, sit with your thoughts or recall your dreams for just a few minutes.

3. Move your body. Any kind of movement helps get the energy moving stimulating different internal processes.

4. Appreciate the evolution of the morning into the day.

We have to break our old patterns and create new ones which facilitate the new behaviors we are working to adopt. To change the habits passed down from our parents, we need to recognize the patterns. The old model and perceptions passed down. then take the steps to exchange them out for the newer model we are creating.

Life’s challenges don’t need to have the most complex answers. Once you experience vitality, why would you want to go back to feeling tired and befuddled.

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