Awakening process 

What exactly is the awakening process. Are you awake? It happens differently for everybody. And by differently I mean in different areas in ones life. These areas could be eating habits, lifestyle choices, spirituality,  job or career choices or maybe relationships.

It can be a sticky endeavor to uncover the unconscious reactions and thoughts controlling us on the many different levels of our existence. And these sleeping energies are what we can awaken in our lives to become conscious behaviors rather than ticking time bombs. This can happen in many ways. Mostly through how we learn from our experiences and how deep we can integrate the lessons from those experiences.

If you are awake, then in which areas of your life are awake? Are you still unaware or asleep in a certain area or areas? Still stuck in the manifestation of unconscious reactions or thoughts about something. Quite possibly so. So then what’s the point?

I believe it’s part of the reason we are here. It’s through these experiences we learn to break away from the labels of what’s good or not and take the experiences as lessons. Integrating the wisdom we gain by applying it to our lives. From my perspective, we have awakened in an area when we can notice what we are applying and identify it manifesting in our lives.

There’s no need to be hard on yourself when you are working on certain areas. Be compassionate internally and externally. We need to recognize that we hold the power to create a long and healthy life. But we have to choose to do so. Awake.

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