Meyer Lemon Preserves


These healthy and delicious gems are a hybrid of mandarin orange and lemon native to China. The edible skin is what separates these from other citrus. And not that you can’t eat the skin on other citrus, but the meyer lemon skin is much more  delicate and therefore enjoyable.

Here in Southern California the fruit picking season peaks in November and can run into March. When they are available, I use them in place of other acids to bring more flavor  and health benefits into whatever it is that I’m cooking. I enjoy this method of preserving the fruit due to its ability to keep the flavor for extended length of time allowing me to enjoy these fruits long past their season.

They are sweeter and less acidic than other more common varieties you find in the grocery stores, and therefore it brings some different flavors to you seasonal kitchen arsenal. Simplicity is best when trying to create flavorful food, and its always good to explore new ways to incorporate new food. With the final product in this recipe, you can use them in many different ways. Get creative and have some fun. You would be surprised at how much fun lemons can be.

Tools / equipment needed :

  • 3  12 oz mason jars with lids
  • your favorite very sharp knife
  • cutting board
  • mixing bowl


  • 10-12 meyer lemons
  • 1/2 cup sea salt


  • clean and sanitize the jars and lids
  • wash the fruit
  • slice the fruit into thin pieces removing the seeds as you go
  • place fruit slices into large mixing bowl
  • mix  the fruit with salt until it becomes very juicy
  • distribute the salted fruit into the jars and top off with the remaining juice
  • wipe the rim of the jars, and close the lid

Thats it! When the jars are closed, I place them on a shelf out of direct sunlight and allow them to ferment for about 5 days. This will deepen the flavor of the finished product and add to the long list of healthy reasons to enjoy these fruits. after 5 days, store them in the refrigerator. At this stage they are ready to use, and will keep for several months.

Ideas for use!

  • Chop into small pieces and add to salads or salad dressings
  • Roughly chop and add to guacamole or fresh salsas
  • Add small or larger pieces in soups or braised foods
  • Use in marinades for veggies, fish or meats before cooking
  • Add chopped lemon to sauces, or on top of rice


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