Ways to become a morning person


Are mornings a drag? Is it almost impossible to wake up with the sun without feeling lethargic and groggy ? Do you want to become a better morning person? . Simple tricks are often the case which transform the challenges into the next step or leap in your personal evolution.

There are other parts to this equation, such as timing of dinner the night before, what was consumed for dinner, bed time and so on. However, these tricks are what set the pace for the day. The practices when done consciously, guide us to a more stable foundation. These practices, which have now become my personal habits are what I have adopted to help myself thrive in the mornings.
1. Hydrate first thing. To say that you don’t have enough time hydrate is to say you don’t have enough time to be alive.

2. Dont immediately check electronic devices of any kind. Instead of intensely stimulating/stressing your eyes and brain, sit with your thoughts or recall your dreams for just a few minutes.

3. Move your body. Any kind of movement helps get the energy moving stimulating different internal processes.

4. Appreciate the evolution of the morning into the day.

We have to break our old patterns and create new ones which facilitate the new behaviors we are working to adopt. To change the habits passed down from our parents, we need to recognize the patterns. The old model and perceptions passed down. then take the steps to exchange them out for the newer model we are creating.

Life’s challenges don’t need to have the most complex answers. Once you experience vitality, why would you want to go back to feeling tired and befuddled.

Awakening process 

Awakening process 

What exactly is the awakening process. Are you awake? It happens differently for everybody. And by differently I mean in different areas in ones life. These areas could be eating habits, lifestyle choices, spirituality,  job or career choices or maybe relationships.

It can be a sticky endeavor to uncover the unconscious reactions and thoughts controlling us on the many different levels of our existence. And these sleeping energies are what we can awaken in our lives to become conscious behaviors rather than ticking time bombs. This can happen in many ways. Mostly through how we learn from our experiences and how deep we can integrate the lessons from those experiences.

If you are awake, then in which areas of your life are awake? Are you still unaware or asleep in a certain area or areas? Still stuck in the manifestation of unconscious reactions or thoughts about something. Quite possibly so. So then what’s the point?

I believe it’s part of the reason we are here. It’s through these experiences we learn to break away from the labels of what’s good or not and take the experiences as lessons. Integrating the wisdom we gain by applying it to our lives. From my perspective, we have awakened in an area when we can notice what we are applying and identify it manifesting in our lives.

There’s no need to be hard on yourself when you are working on certain areas. Be compassionate internally and externally. We need to recognize that we hold the power to create a long and healthy life. But we have to choose to do so. Awake.

Hibernation. Should we? 

Today marks the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, the longest night and culmination of the Yin energy. There may be instinctual urges to go internal and reflect upon the year ending, where we are on our path and how we are living our lives.

This nudge to go inside and reflect is the perfect time to relax. Bring in the intention to ask questions about the direction we are headed. What needs to be changed to align with my goals? What do I need to let go of?  What daily habits are keeping me from my evolution? What daily habits could I adopt to align with my goals?

When we don’t give ourselves the time for reflection, we miss out on the cosmic nudge that could potentially clear the way to make our goals more visible. Take the baby steps like this to bring the goals closer and enjoy the process of creating your life. 

Yoga and music

Is there a reason for the music being played in a yoga class? Could the music be a tool for deeper states of awareness? Or for creating ecstatic states and a more compassionate connection to yourself..

There is definitely a connection between spiritual practices and music. It has been used for ages as a tool to bridge the gap between the deeper layers of internal awareness. “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” — Ludwig van Beethoven

For me, music should bring focus and allow stronger concentration to your breath and how it moves through your body. But would it really just be boring to listen to yourself breathing without any music? I feel that not just for the person new to yoga but even long time yogis, getting lost in thought is very common. No matter where you are in your journey, it takes Compassion for yourself to move on and return focus to the present.

My perspective is that Music should be chosen and played with intention. Whether it’s to relate to the geographical location and setting or to stimulate brain frequencies, it will be felt by the students on a deeper level.

Meyer Lemon Preserves


These healthy and delicious gems are a hybrid of mandarin orange and lemon native to China. The edible skin is what separates these from other citrus. And not that you can’t eat the skin on other citrus, but the meyer lemon skin is much more  delicate and therefore enjoyable.

Here in Southern California the fruit picking season peaks in November and can run into March. When they are available, I use them in place of other acids to bring more flavor  and health benefits into whatever it is that I’m cooking. I enjoy this method of preserving the fruit due to its ability to keep the flavor for extended length of time allowing me to enjoy these fruits long past their season.

They are sweeter and less acidic than other more common varieties you find in the grocery stores, and therefore it brings some different flavors to you seasonal kitchen arsenal. Simplicity is best when trying to create flavorful food, and its always good to explore new ways to incorporate new food. With the final product in this recipe, you can use them in many different ways. Get creative and have some fun. You would be surprised at how much fun lemons can be.

Tools / equipment needed :

  • 3  12 oz mason jars with lids
  • your favorite very sharp knife
  • cutting board
  • mixing bowl


  • 10-12 meyer lemons
  • 1/2 cup sea salt


  • clean and sanitize the jars and lids
  • wash the fruit
  • slice the fruit into thin pieces removing the seeds as you go
  • place fruit slices into large mixing bowl
  • mix  the fruit with salt until it becomes very juicy
  • distribute the salted fruit into the jars and top off with the remaining juice
  • wipe the rim of the jars, and close the lid

Thats it! When the jars are closed, I place them on a shelf out of direct sunlight and allow them to ferment for about 5 days. This will deepen the flavor of the finished product and add to the long list of healthy reasons to enjoy these fruits. after 5 days, store them in the refrigerator. At this stage they are ready to use, and will keep for several months.

Ideas for use!

  • Chop into small pieces and add to salads or salad dressings
  • Roughly chop and add to guacamole or fresh salsas
  • Add small or larger pieces in soups or braised foods
  • Use in marinades for veggies, fish or meats before cooking
  • Add chopped lemon to sauces, or on top of rice


A simple tip for Winter.


Even though it’s becoming colder outside doesn’t mean you can’t be warm and fuzzy inside. I have a very simple morning routine which a couple of the practices repeat throughout the day. And sure enough, it’s the simplest of them all that for me have been the most life changing! It helps warm up your body and keep the energy flowing.

Drink warm water first thing in the morning in place of cold or room temp water. It’s best not to overthink it because it is this simple. Ideally the water should not be too hot to drink in a quick manner. You are not making tea so long before it becomes “tea hot”, it is ready. Do Not burn yourself! It’s not worth it and it’s not pleasant first thing in the morning to scorch your taste buds and or esophagus.

There is an internally warming sensation throughout your entire body that’s very comforting. This practice is very underestimated with the power of flushing out stagnation in your systems. It hydrates you faster and stimulates the elimination process from yesterday’s digested food hanging out inside you.

Simplicity at its best, choose warming liquids and foods to consume during these chilling months. I invite you to try it out. Begin to notice the most basic functions in your body improve and becoming more consistent. Remember the warmth you can create from the inside out is this easy when taking the proper steps to support your body.

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