Ways to become a morning person

  Are mornings a drag? Is it almost impossible to wake up with the sun without feeling lethargic and groggy ? Do you want to become a better morning person? . Simple tricks are often the case which transform the challenges into the next step or leap in your personal evolution. There are other parts … Continue reading Ways to become a morning person

Awakening process 

What exactly is the awakening process. Are you awake? It happens differently for everybody. And by differently I mean in different areas in ones life. These areas could be eating habits, lifestyle choices, spirituality,  job or career choices or maybe relationships. It can be a sticky endeavor to uncover the unconscious reactions and thoughts controlling … Continue reading Awakening process 

Hibernation. Should we? 

Today marks the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year, the longest night and culmination of the Yin energy. There may be instinctual urges to go internal and reflect upon the year ending, where we are on our path and how we are living our lives. This nudge to go inside and reflect is … Continue reading Hibernation. Should we? 

Yoga and music

Is there a reason for the music being played in a yoga class? Could the music be a tool for deeper states of awareness? Or for creating ecstatic states and a more compassionate connection to yourself.. There is definitely a connection between spiritual practices and music. It has been used for ages as a tool … Continue reading Yoga and music

Meyer Lemon Preserves

These healthy and delicious gems are a hybrid of mandarin orange and lemon native to China. The edible skin is what separates these from other citrus. And not that you can't eat the skin on other citrus, but the meyer lemon skin is much more  delicate and therefore enjoyable. Here in Southern California the fruit … Continue reading Meyer Lemon Preserves

A simple tip for Winter.

Even though it's becoming colder outside doesn't mean you can't be warm and fuzzy inside. I have a very simple morning routine which a couple of the practices repeat throughout the day. And sure enough, it's the simplest of them all that for me have been the most life changing! It helps warm up your … Continue reading A simple tip for Winter.