Relax, it’s Fall!

pn2avmo0lve-aaron-burdenIt’s that time of year when it’s ok to give yourself a break. Have you noticed any shifts in yourself? Or maybe new or different cravings? Even if your local weather doesn’t reflect the new season, break into eating warming and cozy food.

Relax! Even if it’s just a week or two, take the time to release what you don’t need any more. From the subtle to the gross. Reflect on what you are trying to create or what you need to bring into your life.
Giving your digestion a break by eating simple food like kitchari will assist you through this process. It’s easy to make it taste awesome. Im not sure about you, but I don’t like food that tastes like crap!

Remember, by giving your body a break you can allow the subtleties to  be noticed. What are they telling you?


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