New Moon 

New moon
With the sun moon and earth aligning, interesting things happen. If you notice or not, these energies influence our external and emotional states.

 The lunar cycle can be perceived as a representation of the life itself. The ebb and flow signifying our highs and lows on our life’s journey. The fullness, bright in the night sky. The emptiness when there is nothing but a shadow. But in the darkness of the shadow is the vastness of space. Where the endless night sky is unveiled, exposing the unlimited potentials behind the shadows. 

Remember that mediation is a time for reflecting and listening. If you give yourself time to listen. Will you be quiet enough to hear? 

Fall Equinox

With the season changing before you, use the heightened cosmic energy to go deep. Meditation and inner work/ awareness can give you the quantum leap your soul is waiting for. 
An important part of your spiritual awakening is becoming attuned to your emotions, as well as how your emotions influence your response to situations. 

During this time of heightened energy at the Equinox, have compassion for yourself. Allow yourself to grow. Be open to reflect on your experiences. Without judgment, be open for your experiences to integrate. 

Remember to enjoy the process. Remember that everybody is on their own path with their own lessons. 

Trust yourself, 

What really matters?

cropped-image.jpegDo you remember a moment when nothing seemed to matter? When all your thoughts and emotions dissolved into space within that moment. Maybe you were left with just a feeling. A sense of contentment, or maybe peace or joy. If you can remember a moment fitting this description maybe take a second and ask yourself, How did it feel?

Now ask, What really matters to me? Family? Friends? Happiness? Money? Health? Love? As I understand, the answer to this question is complex and may change moment to moment but for me, it has been a powerful question when I ask from my heart.

What really matters?

The answer seems to come easier when I take a step back and question where we really are. From here, I find us on a planet in orbit around a star, in a solar system drifting around a galaxy, which is in an expanding Universe just going through the motions of what an infinite amount of energy does in cycles of expansion and contraction. To me this relates to the breath, or to the exchange of life itself.

The breath?

Amazingly enough, does not need any control to keep you alive. Love you ask? It’s simply there whether you are aware of it or not supporting you through your life in every situation. From the moment you are born until the last breath you take, you are a part of this rhythm.
So why would the universe do anything but support you? For me, as long as my perception is aligned with this concept, there is nothing but support.

So why would anything else matter? For me, as long as I am in awareness of this support, my answers will be available. Every time I revisit this question, I make sure to do so in a space of neutrality and openness.

Remember to ask yourself,What really matters? Ask your heart. If you cannot conceptualize the answer, try to feel it. Be open to Notice any subtle responses when you ask this. You may notice subtle physiological or psychological responses. Allow it to happen. When you have an idea of what it is that matters to you, even if It’s just a feeling you cannot put into words, remember It. Be diligent in frequently revisiting this feeling to understand what it means to you. It, could be something so simple but it was just out of your awareness.