Embodied Awakening

The four pillars for vibrant living





These are the four areas we break down and consciously evolve together. Each of the four areas affect the others, meaning that what you do today affects how you feel tomorrow. When you begin to own your four pillars, understanding how you relate to them and how they can support you, you will begin to thrive. Refining your relationship to these four areas will align you to the long and vibrant life you are destined to live.

We are all teachers. We are all students. And we are all mentors. So say yes right now, show up aligned with your truth, and offer your unique gifts to the world.

How do you want the next phase of your life to unfold?

Chances are you want to live a vibrant life full of vitality. Chances are your current habits are not in alignment with that fullness keeping you in repetitive loops with the same old outcomes. This means there is some room for refinement, room to grow, and lessons to learn along the way.

If you know at your core you are destined for more energy, presence, mental clarity, and understanding of your true essence… Schedule a complementary conversation to see if this is a good fit for you.

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happiness is your natural state…

Awaken to your potential

Throughout the Embodied Awakening program you will learn the essential habits from Ayurveda that bring you into a deeply rejuvenated state. This rejuvenation gives you access to consistently experience states of peak physical and mental performance, so you can live your life to it’s fullest potential.

You will learn how to:

  • Go beyond the fad diets and quick fix exercise programs
  • Navigate and release stored stress, anxiety, & overwhelm
  • Choose healthy, nourishing, and energizing food
  • Create coherence between your mind, body, and heart
  • Feel grounded and comfortable in your body
  • Inspire your family and friends to live a healthier life
  • Sense, feel and connect to your truth


“Meeting and working with Alec has been a life saving experience. He is intuitive, creative and flexible, especially when working with individuals with special nutritional needs due to illness and dietary restrictions. Alec is dependable, easy to talk to and very accommodating. For individuals looking to heal through food, Alec is truly a resourceful guide in transforming health.”


“Learning to become in tune with my body and feeling how much daily habits can shift overall health has been my biggest lesson thus far!”


“My biggest challenge is staying present and not reaching for food as distraction. Through this presence I am healing my relationship with sugar.”


“I am feeling more connected and learning what makes the biggest difference in my health. The healthier eating guidelines have shifted cravings and I’m finally sleeping better!”


“The plant based rhythms habit has had positive effects on my digestion. Learning about circadian cycles and ayurveda is helping my bedtime routine. Thank you!”


“Staying away from food cravings is my biggest challenge and I’m learning to listen to what my body says is best for me.”


Evolve your habits starting today. Schedule a complementary conversation and find out how to begin doing the things you know at your core will help you grow.

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