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Hi! I’m Alec,

Do you want to THRIVE in 2018?

 Welcome to the next phase of your Wellness Evolution!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to get on a bus headed to a state of feeling? What if rather than arriving at a place, you were entering a state of being?

Are you tired of feeling tired? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

Are you ready to automate the habits of Longevity?


Jump on the Cosmic Bus and learn the language of longevity!

If you ready to connect to the wisdom of the cosmos that resides within you, then welcome to your new community!


Join the Higher Self Tribe on the Cosmic Bus Ride to Personal Wellness!

Spiritual Reboot to Vibrant Health

the next bus leaves

January 5, 2018

What is the Cosmic Bus Ride?

The Cosmic Bus Ride is an exploration of you and your relation to the environment.

With an explorers’ mindset, you will enter into a state of deeper embodiment, to the state of feeling truly alive.

On the bus I will teach you proven habits from Ayurveda, guiding you into a state of THRIVE!

These are the habits of the ancients, our ancestors and of the cosmos.

This is the perfect combination of modern behavior science and ancient wisdom practices, a synergistic blend to create deeper alignment to your dreamed potential.

If you are ready to,

Learn healthy routines around Sleep?

Alleviate pain and discomfort through self care?

Fight inflammation and restore Vibrant Health?

Then its time to get curious about the possibilities awaiting for you!


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Secure your seat on the Cosmic Bus Ride and buckle your seat belt! 

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